Are you on a tweeting spree and the tweet you’re about to share is supposed to go live much later? Is there a birthday tweet or something special that needs to be published on the dot, at a different time and date?

Here’s how you can schedule those precious thoughts to whenever and it would publish automatically at the exact date and time you scheduled it for.

Open in a web browser on your computer and click on the ‘Tweet’ button to open the Tweet box in a pop-up on the screen.

Type in your tweet in the text area like you usually do. Then, click on the ‘Schedule’ button (a calendar and clock icon) at the bottom of the tweet box.

In the ‘Schedule’ interface that opens, customise the date and time you want the tweet to go live and click on the ‘Confirm’ button at the top right corner of the scheduling interface.

After you set a date and time, the ‘Tweet’ button on the box will be replaced by a ‘Schedule’ button. Click on it and your tweet will be scheduled and automatically publish at the date and time you configured for it to go live.

Never be late again in tweeting about something special or important, or both!