You’ve scheduled a couple of tweets and now you want to have a look at all your scheduled tweets. Now that’s a positive scenario. What if you have scheduled a tweet and then you realize it’s scheduled for the wrong date! Or worse, there’s an annoying typo in the tweet! Fret not. You can improvise any scheduled tweet and even reschedule them using this easy guide.

How to View Scheduled Tweets

Open on your computer and click on the ‘Tweet’ button.

In the tweeting box that opens next, click on the ‘Unsent Tweets’ button at the top right corner.

All your pending tweets; scheduled and drafts would be visible on the ‘Unsent Tweets’ screen. Slide onto the scheduled side of your tweets by clicking the ‘Scheduled’ option to view all your scheduled tweets.

How to Edit Scheduled Tweets

If you wish to edit any of your scheduled tweets, first, access your ‘Scheduled Tweets’ by going to Unsent Tweets » Scheduled (tab) from the Tweet box on, and select the tweet you want to edit/change.

The tweeting box would reopen. Here, you not only can change the content of your tweet but the scheduled date and time as well. Click on the tweet text to edit it and click on the ‘Schedule’ option (calendar and clock icon) right above the tweet to change the scheduled date and time.

Once you’ve edited the date and time of the scheduled tweet, click on the ‘Update’ option on the top right corner of the schedule interface to save your changes.

After updating the tweet and its scheduled date and time, click on the ‘Schedule’ button in the next window. Now your edited tweet would go live at the rescheduled time.

How to Delete Scheduled Tweets

To delete any scheduled tweet, click on the ‘Tweet’ button on your twitter handle. Then click on the ‘Unsent Tweets’ option on the tweeting box.

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Go to the scheduled side of the window and click on the ‘Edit’ button on the top right corner.

Now, you can select the tweet(s) you wish to delete. Just tick the tiny box next to any tweet that you want to delete and then select the red ‘Delete’ button at the bottom right corner of the unsent tweets screen.

You’ll get a confirmation prompt to ‘Discard unsent Tweets’, click the ‘Delete’ button to confirm and delete the scheduled tweet.

After you’ve deleted your scheduled tweets, click on the ‘Done’ button at the top right corner on the Unsent Tweets screen.

Alternative Method to Access Scheduled Tweets

There’s a tiny alternative to access scheduled tweets from the home page itself. Just click on the ‘Schedule’ icon (the calendar and clock icon) on the tweeting box.

Then, click on the ‘Scheduled Tweets’ button at the bottom-left on the ‘Schedule’ screen.

You will be directed to the ‘Scheduled’ section inside the ‘Unsent Tweets’ options. Here, you can edit and delete the scheduled tweets just as discussed in the previous methods.

Now, you can easily keep your tweets up to date with your thoughts and the desired schedule without any hassle!