How to Securely Share your Passwords using LastPass

LastPass Password Sharing

This is the safe way to share your Netflix password with siblings and friends!

Sharing your passwords with others is never a smart thing to do. But, let’s be real. We often do share passwords of some of our online subscriptions (like Netflix) with our family members, spouses, and best friends. Sometimes, we also have to share certain passwords with our co-workers. Sharing passwords via email or messages is a disaster from a security point-of-view. So, it’s better to share your passwords securely whenever you do need to share them. Using LastPass, you can achieve this feat painlessly.

Note: This article assumes that you’ve already synced/shared all your passwords in LastPass.

Why Share Passwords using LastPass?

LastPass is a password manager where you can conveniently store all your passwords securely. It also has a unique sharing feature that allows you to seamlessly share passwords with anyone with utmost security.

One great reason to use LastPass to share passwords is that you can choose whether the person you’re sharing with can view the password you shared with them. Until you explicitly check the option to allow them to see the password, they will have access to the account but won’t know the password.

Also, LastPass will keep in sync the login credentials of the site in both of your LastPass vaults. Any changes you make to the shared site will automatically be synced to the other person’s vault too without you having to worry about it.

How to Share a Password using Lastpass

To share a password with someone using LastPass, open the Lastpass Extension in your browser or the Lastpass website itself and find the site of which you want to share the login credentials with someone. Then hover your mouse over the site and a few options will be shown, click on the Share icon to proceed.

Click on the Share icon to share the password with someone on LastPass

A dialog box will open asking you to enter the recipient’s email address. So enter the email address of the recipient and click the Share button at the bottom. The login credentials will be sent to the recipient which he/she must accept to be able to use your ID and Password to login to the site.

Enter the email address of the recipient and click ‘Share’

The person you share the password with must have a LastPass account. If they are not already using LastPass, they will have to make an account to be able to use your login credentials for the site you shared.

How to Manage the Passwords you’ve Shared with LastPass

You can manage the passwords that you have shared with others, or that others have shared with you from the sharing center.

To go to the sharing center, click ‘Sharing Center’ from the options displayed on the left side menu in your LastPass vault main screen.

Go to LastPass Sharing Center

You can share multiple items with someone from the sharing center. Click on the plus ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the screen in the Share With Others tab. Enter the recipient’s email address and then select any number of items you want to share from the drop-down menu under the Items to Share and click the Share button.

You can also revoke the share at any time from the sharing center if you don’t want the other person to have access anymore. And the best thing is, you won’t even have to change the password because they never knew it in the first place. To revoke the access, just take the mouse on the shared item and then click on the Cancel (X) button.

Click on Cancel button to revoke a person’s access to the password at any time.

General rule for sharing passwords is don’t share them, but if you do, at least share them securely.