If you’ve ever wanted the Nike Watch Faces on your Apple Watch, your time has now come. Everyone who tuned in to watch the Far Out event expected Apple to release the new lineup of Apple Watches. But something unexpected brewed in the event. And no, we’re not talking about the Apple Watch Ultra.

After years of exclusivity, Apple has made the Nike Watch Faces available for everyone, ushering them into a non-exclusive era. Previously, these watch faces were only available on the Apple Watch Nike Edition. And since Apple doesn’t support third-party Watch faces, there was no way for non-Nike Edition users to get the Watch Face.

But ending the exclusive rights to the brand’s signature logo faces, in a surprise move, Apple has made them available to anyone running watchOS 9, no matter their watch edition.

Compatible Devices

Devices that support the new OS can get the Nike Watch Faces after upgrading to watchOS 9. The complete list of watches that can get watchOS 9 goes as follows:

  • Watch Series 4
  • Watch Series 5
  • Watch Series 6
  • Watch Series 7
  • Watch Series 8
  • Watch SE
  • Watch Ultra

Compatible devices can upgrade to the public version of watchOS 9 from September 12th onward, while the new models will ship with the software already on board when they become available. Since Watch Series 3 does not qualify for watchOS 9, you can’t have the Nike Watch Face on it.

Setting a Nike Watch Face

Here’s how you can set a Nike watch face on your compatible Apple Watch running watchOS 9.

Go to the watch face by pressing the crown of your watch, if not already there.

Then, tap and hold the watch display until the Edit screen appears.

Swipe all the way right until you see the ‘Add’ (+) button and tap it.

Then, scroll down using either the Crown or your finger until you see the option for ‘Nike’. Tap it to open the Nike watch faces.

The available Nike watch faces – Nike Analogue, Nike Bounce, Nike Compact, Nike Digital, and Nike Hybrid – will appear. Scroll up and down to view all the faces and tap the ‘Add’ button on the one you want to add.

Then, tap ‘Add Face’ again to add it.

The options to customize the watch face will appear. Swipe through the screens to customize the style, color, and complications for the watch face, like any other watch face on your Apple Watch. After making the changes, press the Digital Crown twice to return to your new Nike Watch Face.

And voila! Your Apple Watch will now have a Nike Watch Face, despite the fact that it isn’t a Nike Edition watch.

Note: Curiously, the option to add the Nike Watch Face is not available in the Face Gallery on the Watch app on the iPhone, like the other watch faces. If this is by design or a bug in the beta (which is what I’m running currently) will become clear once the public version is released.

If you’ve ever envied the Apple Watch Nike edition users for their exclusive watch faces, you can finally put those envies to rest. Upgrade to watchOS 9 and get the classic “Just Do It” watch face you’ve always eyed.