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How to Set Google Search as Default in New Microsoft Edge on PC, iPhone, and Android

Microsoft has done a tremendous job with the new Edge browser. It’s now as good as Google Chrome. However, the Edge browser comes with Bing as the default search engine, and that can never be as good as Google Search.


If you’re thinking of making the switch to the new Edge browser from Chrome, changing the default search engine to Google Search is probably the first thing you’d want to do in Edge.

Setting Google Search as default in Microsoft Edge on PC

Go to Settings from the three-dot menu at the top-right corner in Edge. Or you can also type edge://settings in the address bar to open the Microsoft Edge settings screen.

Open Microsoft Edge Settings screen

Select Privacy and services from the list of options available on the left panel of the Edge settings screen. This will take you to the edge://settings/privacy page.

Select “Privacy and Services” option from the left panel

Scroll to the bottom of the Privacy and services settings screen, then click/select Address bar option under the Services section.

Select Address bar option from the Services section in Edge settings

💡 Tip
You could avoid all of the instructions above and go straight to the edge://settings/search page from the address bar to open search engine settings screen in Microsoft Edge.

The Address bar settings in Microsoft Edge is where you can set Google as your default search engine. Click on the drop-down menu next to the Search engine used in the address bar option, and select Google from the available search engines.

Select Google as the default search engine

That’s it. Google is now set as the default search engine in Microsoft Edge on your PC.

Setting Google Search as default in Microsoft Edge on iPhone and Android

Using the same browser on your PC and mobile device helps a lot. And we’re assuming you’ve already made the move. But if you haven’t been able to find the option to set Google as the default search engine on your iPhone or Android device, below is a quick guide.


Open the Edge browser on your mobile device, tap the three-dot menu button on the bottom bar and then tap the Settings icon.

Open Microsoft Edge Settings on your mobile

From the Edge Settings screen on mobile, tap Advanced Settings option.

Select “Advanced settings” option in Edge settings

Tap Search engine option from the advanced settings screen in Edge.

Tap Others… on the search engine selector screen, then select Google from the available options.

Select Google as the default search engine

That’s it. Have fun Googling in Microsoft Edge.