Microsoft Teams really is one of the best Workstream Collaboration apps out there. It provides so many features to make it a whole experience for users. Not only can you connect with co-workers with calls on Microsoft Teams, but also set up a voicemail to let people leave messages when you cannot take the call.

To set up your voicemail, open the Microsoft Teams desktop client or web app and log in to your account. Then, click on the ‘Profile’ icon on the right side of the Title Bar and select ‘Settings’ from the options menu.

From the Microsoft Teams ‘Settings’ screen, click ‘Calls’ on the left side of the window.

Then, under ‘Call answering rules’ options on the right, you’ll see ‘Calls ring me’ as selected by default. Below that, for ‘If unanswered’, make sure the option is set to ‘Voicemail’. Generally, voicemail is on when you join Microsoft Teams.

If it isn’t, click on the drop-down menu and select ‘Voicemail’ from the options. Also, select the time for which the calls ring before redirecting the caller to the voicemail.

Users can also change the setting so that all calls directly go to the voicemail without even ringing. Select the option ‘Forward my calls’ under the call answering rules.

Now, click on ‘Configure Voicemail’ to set up other settings related to the voicemail like greeting message, language and rules concerning call answering.

You can record a message that’ll play every time someone reaches your voicemail. Click on ‘Record a greeting’ to record the message.

You can also choose not to record a message. Microsoft Teams already has an automated voice message for your voicemail.

If you want to set a custom message but don’t want to record it, there is yet another option in Teams. Use the ‘Text-to-speech customized greeting’ to enter the text you would want the message to say under ‘Your custom greeting’ section, and an automated voice would play that message for you.

Note: This message gets overridden if you have recorded a greeting.

Users can also configure the settings about what options the caller will have on being redirected to your voicemail. Click on the drop-down menu under ‘Call answer rules’ to expand the options and select one from the available options like ‘Let the caller record a message’.

You can also select the default language your greeting will be played in. Click on the drop-down menu under ‘Greeting language’ to select the language.

When choosing the custom text-to-speech greeting, you can also set an additional ‘Out of office’ greeting. Type the message in the textbox under the ‘out of office’ greeting.

Then, select when you want the message to play. After configuring all the settings, click on ‘OK’ to save your settings and your voicemail would be set up as you want it to.

Microsoft Teams allows you to set up a voicemail where people who call you can leave messages when you aren’t available. You can set up and configure the voicemail according to your preferences from a variety of options available. Received voicemails and their transcripts are available on the Calls screen.