Zoom meetings have been a lifesaver when working from home. While starting Zoom meetings on the spot is quite helpful, the service also gives you the option to schedule meetings in advance so you can organize your work calendar efficiently.

Scheduled Zoom meetings are also an ideal option for recurring meetings or online classes that happen on a given schedule. Scheduling the meetings also gives the participants a heads up for the meeting.

How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting

Open the Zoom desktop client on your PC. Then, click on the ‘Schedule’ option on the Home Screen of the Zoom App.

The scheduler window will open where you have to select all your meeting settings.

Give the meeting a name in the ‘Topic’ section.

Then, set the date and time for the meeting. The ‘Time Zone’ is selected by default using your computer’s time zone. Click on the drop-down menu to select a different zone. If the meeting is recurring, select the ‘Recurring checkbox’.

When you select the ‘Recurring checkbox’, the date and time boxes will disappear and a message will appear in its place asking you to check the recurrence or repeat timing using your calendar.

Then, select a Meeting ID. You can either select the ‘Generate Automatically’ option or use your ‘Personal Meeting ID’ for non-recurring meetings.

Note: For recurring meetings, you cannot use your ‘Personal Meeting ID’ as it is reserved so that you can start or schedule a meeting at any time.

The host can also set other things like a meeting password, audio, and video settings, and which calendar to schedule the meeting with. Users can choose ‘Outlook’, ‘Google Calendar’, or ‘Other Calendars’ as their options.

Click on ‘Advanced options’ to expand more options where you can choose to enable a waiting room, or join before host, mute participants on entry, or automatically record meeting on the local computer. Select the checkbox for the setting you want to apply.

Then, click on ‘Schedule’ to schedule the meeting.

After clicking the ‘Schedule’ button, the calendar chosen by the user opens where the event is added. If ‘Other Calendars’ was chosen, you can copy the meeting information to your calendar.

How to Invite Others For a Scheduled Meeting

When you schedule a meeting with Zoom, you can send invitations for the meeting to other people so they can be prepared in advance and fit their schedule around it.

In the Zoom desktop client, click on the ‘Meetings’ tab from the top of the screen.

The scheduled meetings will be listed there. Select the meeting you want to invite others to.

The information about the meeting will appear on the right side of the screen. Click on ‘Copy Invitation’ and the meeting information will be copied. Paste that information in a mail or any other means you would like to send out the invitation from.

With Zoom, you cannot just have meetings with a large number of people, you can also schedule the meetings to organize your calendar better and always stay on top of all events. Zoom also has the option to send invites for a scheduled meeting to other people so they too can have a heads-up about the meeting and organize their workdays better.