Whereby is a video meeting platform that creates a free personalized room for you to have video meetings without the need for a desktop app. Other than the personalized room that can even have your name as the link, it has many features like meeting recordings, meeting chat, and emoji reactions, Picture-in-picture, and share screen.

Some of these features are only available with the paid versions, but the feature to share the screen is available with the free version as well. But, like the personalized meeting room, even with screen sharing, it offers more than many other video conferencing apps out there.

With integrations for YouTube, Trello Boards, Google Drive, Miro Whiteboards, the screen-sharing session involving these apps becomes collaborative. Like we said, screen sharing with Whereby is unlike any other video conferencing app.

How to Share your Screen

Sharing your screen is rather straightforward with Whereby, whether you want to share something on your screen or content from an integrated app.

To share your screen in the meeting, go to the meeting toolbar and click the ‘Share’ button.

The ‘Share Your Screen’ window will open. You can choose to share your entire window, an application tab, or just a Chrome tab. Click on the tabs to switch between these options.

Then, select what you want to share, i.e., select the screen/ application window/ browser tab you want to share by clicking it. It will be highlighted by a blue border when selected.

Then, if you also want to share the audio, click the checkbox next to ‘Share audio’ and click the ‘Share’ button to share your screen with other meeting participants.

Click the ‘Stop’ button to end the screen sharing session at any time.

To share any of the integrated apps, go to the meeting toolbar and hover your mouse over the ‘Share’ icon. A menu with the options for all the available integrations would appear. Click the one you want to share.

To share a Google Drive document, you can either enter the URL for the document or choose a document from your account by allowing Whereby to access your Google account. To share via URL, click the ‘Share’ button in Google Drive/ Docs, copy the URL, and paste it in the textbox.

For the latter, click the ‘Pick a file’ button.

Then, log in with your Google account and click the ‘Allow’ button when it asks for permission.

Then, select the document from Google Drive and open it.

Other participants will be able to see the document and scroll it as they wish. They can also stop the sharing of the document. Click ‘Stop’ to end the sharing session.

To share a Miro Whiteboard, select ‘Miro’ from the menu. Then, click on ‘Create Whiteboard’ to use and share a new whiteboard without having to create an account. Or click on Sign in to log in to your Miro account and select a Miro board from your account. The Miro whiteboards are collaborative.

You can also similarly share Trello boards or YouTube videos. Select the respective option from the menu, and copy/ paste the link to the Trello board or YouTube video to start sharing it. The Trello board too will be collaborative, and other meeting participants will be able to edit them.

Sharing your screen on Whereby is not just easy, but with its in-app integrations, also collaborative. So, working remotely won’t stop you now when you need to share content, provide training, or work together on it with other members of your team.