When you are working on multiple windows, it becomes exasperating to switch between them. To switch, you could either use the keyboard shortcut or click on the window you want to open in the Taskbar, which becomes tedious if you have to switch often.

Windows 10 offers you the option to split-screen, where you can have two or more app windows displayed on a part of the screen. You can access and share files quickly between two apps using a split-screen without the need for switching since both are displayed on the screen.

You can easily split screens on Windows 10 using your mouse and keyboard shortcuts. A user can have up to four different app windows on the screen. A split-screen is very effective when the user has a large display device, thus ensuring that even the minutes of the app can easily be deciphered.

Split Screen by Dragging Windows using Mouse

Click on the title bar of the window, and drag it to any position you want on the screen. If you want to split the screen into two, move the cursor to either of the edges on the screen. When the cursor touches the edge, you will notice an outline on the part of the screen, the window will fit.

If you want to split the screen into three or four parts, move the cursor to either of the corners and release it when you see an outline on the screen.

After you have split the screen, you can also resize the windows by clicking between the two and moving the cursor to either side.

If you move the cursor to the right in the above case, Google Chrome will occupy a larger space.

Similarly, you can add up to four windows and resize them as per your requirement.

Split Screen Using Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10

You can also split the screen using keyboard shortcuts which is more convenient to a lot of users.

To move the window to one side of the screen, use the following keyboard shortcuts.


Once you have split the screen into two, click on the title bar of the app, and use the keyboard shortcuts given below to accommodate up to four windows.

Three windows split screen
Four windows split screen

Now that we have learned how to split-screen in Windows 10, you can now easily manage to work on multiple windows.