In Windows having the system clock or time synced is very important. There are numerous services, background processes, and even applications like the Microsoft Store that rely on the system time to work properly. If the time is net not set properly, these apps or systems will fail and you will receive any error messages. Having correct time is so important that every motherboard comes with a battery specifically to keep it synced even when your computer is turned off.

But for many reasons like the battery being faulty or any OS glitch, it is possible that the time settings might change. Fear not as syncing the time is very easy in Windows 11. This guide will take you through some easy methods that you can use to sync time on your Windows 11 computer.

Sync Time in Windows 11 from Settings Menu

The simplest way to sync time in your Windows 11 computer is via the Settings menu. First, open the Settings menu by pressing Windows+i on your keyboard. On the Settings window, first, click on ‘Time & language’ from the left panel and then select ‘Date & time’ from the right panel.

After that, scroll down and click on the ‘Sync now’ under the Additional settings section.

After you click on ‘Sync now’ it will load for a moment and a tick will appear before the Sync now button. The Sync now button will also become greyed out.

Manually Sync Time from Control Panel

You can sync the time on your Windows 11 computer via the Control Panel. Start by searching for ‘Control Panel’ in the Start Menu search and selecting it from search results.

After the Control Panel window opens up, select ‘Clock and Region’.

After that, click on ‘Date and Time’.

A new window will appear called ‘Date and Time’. From there, select the ‘Internet Time’ tab.

On the Internet Time tab, click on ‘Change settings…’.

A small dialog box will appear labeled ‘Internet Time Settings’. Now click on the ‘Update now’ to sync the time. After that, a text will appear saying ‘The clock was successfully synchronized…’. Now click okay and you are done.

Sync Time in Windows 11 Using Command Prompt

It is possible to force Windows to sync time via the Command Prompt interface. To start, type ‘Command Prompt’ in Windows search. Right-click on it from the search results and select ‘Run as administrator’.

After the Command Prompt window opens up, type these commands in the command line maintaining the sequence below. Remember to press Enter on your keyboard every time you enter a command.

net stop w32time
w32tm /unregister
w32tm /register
net start w32time
w32tm /resync

After you execute each command in the mentioned order, restart your computer and the time will sync.

Use Time-Sync Software to Sync Time

You can use third-party software to sync time. Time-Sync is software which once installed, functions as a service that runs as a background process and keeps the time settings updated. The software is not very CPU demanding thus it will not affect the performance of your computer.

First, go to the Time-Sync download page and click on the ‘Download’ button.

It will take you to a new page. From there, click on ‘Download’ once again.

The ‘Save As’ window will appear. Choose the directory where you want to save the installer and then click on ‘Save’.

Once, the download is finished, click on the ‘setup_timesync_188.exe’ file from the download tray. Go through the simple installation process and finish installing Time-Sync.

Now, launch Time-Sync by searching for it in the Start Menu search and selecting it from the search results.

On the Time-Sync Client window, switch to the settings tab by clicking on ‘Settings’ located between ‘Protocol’ and ‘Info’.

On the Settings tab, use the drop-down menu under the ‘Update interval’ section to select the time interval you prefer, and then click on okay.

Now Time-Sync will keep the time synced on your Windows 11 PC.