Think the ping system in Apex Legends is enough for in-game communication? We do. And that’s why it’s okay to turn off the voice chat when you are teamed with toxic people who make the game less fun with their unnecessary cursing.

There’s no one switch to turn off voice chat in Apex Legends, but you can selectively mute people who are not behaving nicely in a game.

How to turn off voice chat

  1. Go to Inventory when in a game.
  2. Select the Squad menu from the top bar.
  3. Click the mute voice button. You’ll see it below the banner of each player (a tiny speaker icon).
Note: MRFARKYOU and Taurus97s are non-toxic nice players. This image is for illustration purposes only.

On the PC, you can open the inventory by pressing the TAB key. While on the Xbox One controller, press the Menu key to open Inventory, and on the PS4 controller press the Options key.

Happy gaming!