Apex Legends battle pass could be releasing anytime now. The price for the battle pass is going to be 950 Apex Coins, as per the accidental leak on Origin where both the upcoming legend “Octane” and Battle Pass details leaked out.

To get the battle pass in Apex Legends you can either pay $9.99 in-game to get 1,000 Apex coins OR you can subscribe to EA Origin Access Basic for one month for $4.99 only and get free 1,000 apex coins along with an exclusive badge and an epic skin for Flatline. You can cancel the subscription within a month. It’s a 100% legitimate way to get extra stuff in Apex Legends with less cost.

How to get Apex Legends battle pass via EA Origin Access

  1. Get EA Origin Access Basic subscription:
    • PC: If you play Apex Legends on PC, subscribe and get a monthly subscription of EA Origin Access Basic using the EA account that you use to play the game.
    • Xbox One: If you play on an Xbox, get a monthly subscription of EA Access Basic via Microsoft Store using the EA account that is linked to your Xbox account.
  2. Launch Apex Legends on your system, and you’ll be greeted with a screen detailing the items you got with your EA Origin Access subscription. If you don’t see it, make sure you’re signed in with the same EA account you used to get the Origin Access Basic subscription.
  3. If you don’t want to keep the subscription, cancel it right away by going to this link on your PC. For Xbox users, head over to subscriptions section in your Xbox/Microsoft account to cancel the EA Access subscription.
  4. When Respawn launches the battle pass for Apex Legends, use the 1,000 Apex Coins you received via the Origin Access subscription to buy the battle pass.

That’s it.