PSA: iPhone vibrates when unlocked with Touch ID on iOS 12

If you have installed iOS 12 Beta 2 on your iPhone 8 or previous iPhone models, you must have noticed a new vibration when unlocking the phone using Touch ID.

On iOS 12 Beta 2, Apple silently enabled a new feature for iPhone models with a Touch ID sensor. When you unlock your iPhone with Touch ID, it gives haptic feedback indicating the fingerprint has verified. This was always a feature on Android devices, but since iPhone users aren’t used to it, a lot of people who have installed iOS 12 Beta 2 on their devices are annoyed with this new feature.

The haptic feedback for Touch ID on iOS 12 works this way:

  • When Touch ID vibrates once, the system has verified your fingerprint.
  • When Touch ID vibrates twice, the system did not recognize your fingerprint.

If you feel like this is an annoying feature, you can send feedback to Apple and request for an option to disable haptic feedback for Touch ID.

While many users think of this to be a very annoying feature, we believe it’s for good. However, the vibration should be very light, and there should be an option to disable it for those who don’t want to be bothered with a haptic feedback every time they unlock their iPhone.