Taking a selfie on the new iPhone will drive you nuts if you have an eye to know the difference between a good picture and overworked one. iPhone XS and XS Max take horrible photos from the front camera. The devices try to smooth your skin tone like those Android devices from Chinese manufacturers to please the selfie generation, but a $999 iPhone should not do tricks but actually perform better.

The skin smoothing on selfies taken with iPhone XS and XS Max front camera is horrid. Last year’s iPhone X takes a lot better pictures from the front camera than the XS. And the worst thing is there’s no option to turn off skin smoothing on the iPhone XS and XS Max camera app.

Below is an image comparing the difference in skin smoothing iPhone X and iPhone XS front camera:

Source: Reddit

So if you want to take better selfies with your new iPhone, switching to a third-party camera app is your only way unless Apple fixes the issue in the upcoming iOS 12.1 update.