iPhone XS Battery Life Review: It’s better than iPhone X

The iPhone XS is more powerful and efficient than the iPhone X. It is the best Apple has made to date, and it’s going on sale in stores on September 21st. But before you plan on iPhone XS, it’s a good idea to know if the device is built to withstand your screen time usage.

The iPhone XS probably features the same 2716 mAh battery as iPhone X did. The device also features the same size OLED display as iPhone X, the significant differences are the new A12 Bionic processor and added functionalities of the device.

Given the similarities in battery capacity and display type, the iPhone XS battery life will likely be similar to that of iPhone X.

Oh, and this year there is a new iPhone XS Max as well which is bigger insize and thus feature a bigger battery. The iPhone XS Max lasts longer by an hour and a half then the iPhone XS.

The battery capacity on iPhone XS Max is not known but it’s more than that of iPhone 8 Plus.

iOS 12 improvements

The iPhone XS is more optimized for iOS 12 than the iPhone X, 8 or any other iOS 12 supported devices. And that means better battery life.

We have used iOS 12 Developer beta releases on our iPhone X for several months, and despite being a developer release, the battery life we had was better than ever. In our review of iOS 12 battery life, we praised the performance of iOS 12 on iPhone X at great lengths. And we’re sure that iPhone XS will do better.

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  1. I have read the previous posts related to iphone xs however this is a really interesting update that you have given on the product. I agree that the performance of iOS12 battery life was commendable in comparison to the competitors however people always expect more from these manufacturers and if they somehow fail to match that it is their they have to face the negative remarks. One of such factor crept up after they offered a patch to the battery issue results of which are well known by everyone, another one being the price range which seems to be on the costlier side I don’t know which range of customers is Apple targeting. Thanks for the update.

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