Microsoft Teams channels are a hub for all workplace communication and help organizations keep different projects, departments, and teams streamlined in a virtual workplace. Without channels, things would be a complete mess for Teams’ users.

But the thing about team channels in Microsoft Teams is that they represent a real-world workplace model. And let’s be honest, organizations are not static. There’s always change. Old projects finish or get sidelined, and new ones take their place almost constantly. Even the handling of the projects is switched between teams depending on the lifecycle of the project at times.

When the projects are evolving and changing all the time, it must only make sense that the channels in Microsoft Teams that most of the time represent these projects should change also. But do they?

Unfortunately, no. At least, not right now. You cannot move a channel from one team to another in Microsoft Teams yet.

Will it be available in the future? Yes, it will. But how far along in the future? No one can say. There is no concrete timeline for when the feature will be available as it does not look like a priority right now for the developers at Microsoft and is on the backlog. But safe to say, it is in development and will see the light of the day someday.

A lot of organizations need to be able to move channels between teams for thousands of reasons. But as of yet, Microsoft Teams does not offer its users the capability they are practically begging for. Users can only wait for Microsoft Teams to bring the feature to the app. And hopefully, they soon will as it is already in development.

Alternatively, you can try a third-party software like AGAT for channel management in Microsoft Teams if you are desperate.