Being a jumpmaster in Apex Legends is a big responsibility. Squad members by default follow the jumpmaster when dropping in at the Kings Canyon. If you as a jumpmaster land into a wrong spot, your entire squad could be killed without even getting a fair chance to fight.

So it’s essential you know the basics of flying in Apex Legends. If you or your squad agreed to land on a location far away from the ship, you need to know flying diagonally to the location might leave you somewhere in between the ship and the drop location. You need to drop straight-down first to gain airspeed and then glide to travel distance. Repeat this until you’re over the location you want to reach.

Redditor TheBigSm0ke created a nice diagram of the correct way to drop in Apex Legends so that you can fly further and faster after jumping from the ship. Check it out below:

Apex Legends jumpmaster guide to gaining speed by TheBigSm0ke

As you can see in the diagram above, you need to drop straight-down first to gain airspeed of 145 (or above), then glide forward until you hit the speed of 130. Do this repeatedly until you reach the location, so you have a balance in speed and gliding. Also, instead of landing in diagonally at the location, get on the top of it first and then drop in straight.

We hope it helps!