How to name a Tile folder in Start menu on Windows 10

The latest Windows Insider preview build for Windows 10 brings in a lot of cool new features, including the ability to name a Tile folder in Start menu.

Just in case you didn’t know, you could create a Tile folder in the Windows 10 Start menu by dropping app icons over another and so on. However, up until now, you couldn’t name or rename a Tile folder in Windows 10. But that changes with the latest preview build 17666 (RS5).

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How to rename Tile folder in Start on Windows 10

  1. Click on the Tile folder you want name/rename.
  2. Once Tile folder is open, you’ll see Name folder text right over the expanded items.
  3. Click on the Name folder text, then type a name for the folder and then click anywhere else on the screen to submit your changes.
  4. Your named Tile folder in Start will look like this: