How to Do a Joint Post on Instagram

Use Instagram Collabs to reach a wider audience when collaborating with someone.

How to Delete Highlights on Instagram

Easily manage your highlights on Instagram by deleting the entire highlight or particular stories.

How to Hide Like Count on Instagram

Easily hide the like count on your as well as others’ posts on Instagram and stop obsessing over them.

How to Hide Tagged Photos on Instagram

Everything you need to know about hiding and managing your tagged photos and posts on Instagram.

How to Change the Background Color on Instagram Story

No matter what type of story you’re sharing, this guide will help you change the background color for it.

How to Save Instagram Reels to Camera Roll on iPhone

Whether you want to save your own reel or someone else’s to your iPhone camera roll, this guide will help you find a way to do it.

How to Make a Collage on Instagram Story

Two easy ways to make photo collages and share them on your Instagram story

How to Use WinRAR on Windows 11

Use WinRAR to compress and decompress large files to share over the internet or simply save storage on your computer.

Microsoft Excel Logo

How to Use Quick Analysis Tool in Excel

Use the Quick Analysis Tool in Excel to quickly analyze and visualize your data with charts, tables, sparklines, formatting, etc.

Spotify Desktop app

How to Enable or Disable Spotify to Automatically Start at Login

All the ways you can automatically kickstart your Spotify desktop app at login (or not).


How to Create a Similar Playlist on Spotify

Create playlists similar to your existing ones without any effort on your part.

Spotify Playlists

How to Make Playlists Public Automatically on Spotify

Make all your new playlists go public automatically in a jiffy!

WhatsApp Read Receipts

How to Enable/Disable Read Receipts on WhatsApp

Never be bound to blue double tick marks again!

WhatsApp Icon

How to Enable or Disable WhatsApp from Opening at Startup

Set WhatsApp to automatically launch (or not) with these simple methods.


How to Change Presence Status on Twitch

Manually set a status presence and protect your actual activity on Twitch.

Twitch chat

How to Pause Chat on Twitch

Pause the stream chat movement and take a whole moment to read/respond to texts.

Twitch Logo

How to Disable/Enable Sharing Activity on Twitch

Turn the ‘Share my activity’ feature ON or OFF in seconds.

Twitch App Computer

How to Exit Twitch on Desktop

In-app and PC settings that can successfully end Twitch, anytime.

Twitch Logo

How to Enable Mature Content on Twitch

Stream responsibly. Give your audience a heads up before they begin watching your stream if it has mature content.


How to Create and Set Up a Discord Server

A simplified guide to get through Discord’s basics and help you create your server!

Microsoft Excel

How to Calculate Standard Deviation in Excel

Be a pro and use this guide to calculate Standard Deviation in Excel in a jiffy.

Microsoft Excel Logo

How to Use Descriptive Statistics in Excel

Calculate descriptive statistics for your data using the Data Analysis tool as well as Formulas in Excel.

How to Use Strikethrough Shortcuts in Microsoft Word

Here are all the ways you can use strikethrough to cross out text in your MS Word document.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Teams Keyboard Shortcuts

Complete list of shortcuts for efficiently using Microsoft Teams on Windows, Web, and Mac.