Twitch Logo

How to Disable Clip Creation on Twitch

Protect your streams against unauthorized clip creation.

Multiple Inbox

How to Have Multiple Inboxes on Gmail

Bring a max of 5 most important sections of your inbox to the same screen!

Twitch Chat

How to Enable Followers-Only Chat on Twitch

Make your chat space healthy and safe with improved security measures.

Twitter Record

How to Record Twitter Spaces

Record your Twitter Space and share it up to 30 days with everyone.


How to Enable or Disable Woke Inclusiveness in Microsoft Word Editor Settings

Make your work more inclusive using this “woke” feature from Microsoft Word.

Microsoft To do

How to Use Microsoft To Do on Windows 11

Set up and use the Microsoft To Do app to efficiently manage your tasks.

Spotify Pin

How to Pin Items on Spotify

Pin your favorites on your Spotify library and never spend another moment hunting for them.


How to Turn Off or Silence iMessage Notifications on iPhone

Easily silence iMessage notifications if they’re bothering you.

Microsoft Teams Chat

How to Remove Teams Chat from Windows 11

Get rid of Chat integration from Microsoft Teams in Windows 11 easily.

Walkie Talkie

How to Enable and Use Walkie Talkie in Microsoft Teams

Convert your phone into a walkie-talkie with the latest update in Microsoft Teams.

Whisper Message

How to Whisper on Twitch

Dial down to a private conversation by whispering on Twitch!

WhatsApp Dissappearing Message

How to Send Disappearing Messages on WhatsApp

Choose how long your messages stay in the conversation — and automate your choice.

Unread Email

How to Find Only Unread Emails in Gmail

Filter out the rest of the emails and tend to your unread emails on priority.


How to Create a Clip on Twitch

Instantly create clips of your favorite live streams on Twitch.

Podcast Player

How to Change Playback Speed on Anchor

Speed up the playback speed to match your listening preference!

Schedule Email

How to Schedule Emails on Gmail For Desktop and Mobile

Scheduling your emails is a great way to delete sending certain emails!


How to Dim Chat Wallpaper on WhatsApp

Dim your wallpaper for a darker WhatsApp experience.

Color Picker

How to Use Color Picker in Canva

Wave the magical color picker to pick any color in seconds.

Shadow Effect

How to Use Canva Shadow Effect

Add shadows to make 2D images three dimensional.

Podcast Listening

How to Change Listening Mode on Anchor

Don’t let the environment compromise your podcast listening experience!

Voice Note

How to Increase/Decrease Voice Note Speed on WhatsApp

Switch voice notes anywhere between 1x and 2x speed.

Delete Music

How to Clear Cache on Spotify

Simple steps to clear cache in your Spotify app.


How to Use Zoom on Windows 11

Learn how to download and setup Zoom video conferencing software on your Windows 11 PC.

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How to Whatsapp Without Saving Number

Two proven ways to message new contacts on WhatsApp without saving them.