How to Draw in Canva

You can now free-hand draw on Canva with the Draw app!


How to Add Playlists to Your Spotify Profile

Flaunt your playlists and the ones you love the most on your Spotify profile

Song Queue

How to Queue Songs on Spotify

Fuel the vibe with no disruptions by queueing your music on Spotify

Music Playlist

How to View Recently Played Songs, Playlists, Albums on Spotify

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How to Use Whatsapp Web Without your Phone Being Connected to the Internet

Use WhatsApp Web on your computer or laptop without having your phone connected to the internet with the new multi-device support on the messaging platform.


What is Spotify Wrapped 2021 and How to Find Your Top Songs 2021 Playlist

Spotify lines up an entire show for you, the star of your 2021.

Color Blindness

How to Use Color-Blind Filters on Canva

Canva’s integrated app Adee, helps apply color-blind filters with it’s feature, the Vision Simulator


How to Report Someone on Discord

Keep Discord communities free of troublesome users or misleading information by reporting misbehaving users on the platform.

Music Lyrics

How to Use Real-Time Lyrics on Spotify

Sing along with real-time lyrics, view full lyrics, and share your favorite lyrics on mobile devices

Crossfade Music

How to Crossfade Songs in Spotify

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Resize Design

How to Resize a Design in Canva

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Table Notion

How to Create a Table in Notion

This simple data representation structure is finally available in Notion!

Online Meeting

How to Use Google Meet on Laptop or Desktop

You go-to guide for learning to use Google Meet to have meetings on the desktop.

Call Quality

How to Improve Audio Output Quality on Spotify Greenroom

Three audio output quality options to suit your room’s needs

Popup Window

How to Open Multiple Google Chats as Pop-ups

Pop-out up to 5 chats on your computer’s Google Chat window.

Spotify Logo

What is Spotify Greenroom and How to Use it

A to Z of Spotify Greenroom and how to use it

Music listening

What is a Spotify Private Session and How to Use it

Private sessions on your computer and phone with a bonus alternative on both devices!

Web Page Translate

How to Change Language in Chrome and Automatically Translate Web Pages

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How to Change Spotify Language on Windows PC

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How to Set up and Use Dropbox on Windows 11

Effortlessly sync and share files and folders with Dropbox on your Windows 11 PC.

Group chat

How to Create, Join and Use Google Chat Spaces

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Music Group

How to Connect with Friends in Spotify

A social networking space, but for music

Multitask Computer

What is Microsoft Loop and When Will It Release

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