Using Dual SIM iPhone XS Max bought from Hong Kong or China in other countries

Apple has released the iPhone XS and XS Max with Dual SIM functionality in all countries. The only difference is the iPhone XS Max sold in China, Hong Kong, and Macao offer physical Dual nano-SIM setup while the rest of the world gets a nano-SIM + eSIM setup.

While eSIM is an exciting option, it’s currently only offered in 10 countries by only 14 cellular networks. So even when you’re getting a Dual SIM iPhone this year, the chances are you won’t be able to use Dual SIM on iPhone XS or iPhone XR if your carrier doesn’t support it.

So the question arises. Will iPhone XS Max purchased in Hong Kong or China work in United States, India, UK, Germany, Russia, or any other region where iPhone XS Max is sold?

Yes. As long as your carrier and country support the LTE Bands used by iPhone XS Max models in China and Hong Kong, the device should theoretically work flawlessly in your country.

The LTE bands supported by the Hong Kong and China iPhone XS Max models are the same Apple offers on the United States iPhone XS Max model. However, the iPhone XS Max sold in India, Germany, Russia, France, and all other countries (except Japan) have a slightly different set of supported bands.

Check out the table below comparing LTE bands supported by iPhone XS Max models in China, Hong Kong, and the rest of the world.

LTE Bands supported by iPhone XS Max

Hong KongChinaUnited States, Canada, and moreIndia, Germany, Russia, and moreJapan
1 (2100 MHz)1 (2100 MHz)1 (2100 MHz)1 (2100 MHz)1 (2100 MHz)
2 (1900 MHz)2 (1900 MHz)2 (1900 MHz)2 (1900 MHz)2 (1900 MHz)
3 (1800 MHz)3 (1800 MHz)3 (1800 MHz)3 (1800 MHz)3 (1800 MHz)
4 (AWS)4 (AWS)4 (AWS)4 (AWS)4 (AWS)
5 (850 MHz)5 (850 MHz)5 (850 MHz)5 (850 MHz)5 (850 MHz)
7 (2600 MHz)7 (2600 MHz)7 (2600 MHz)7 (2600 MHz)7 (2600 MHz)
8 (900 MHz)8 (900 MHz)8 (900 MHz)8 (900 MHz)8 (900 MHz)
12 (700 MHz)12 (700 MHz)12 (700 MHz)12 (700 MHz)11 (1500 MHz)
13 (700c MHz)13 (700c MHz)13 (700c MHz)13 (700c MHz)12 (700 MHz)
14 (700 PS)14 (700 PS)14 (700 PS)14 (700 PS)13 (700c MHz)
17 (700b MHz)17 (700b MHz)17 (700b MHz)17 (700b MHz)14 (700 PS)
18 (800 MHz)18 (800 MHz)18 (800 MHz)18 (800 MHz)17 (700b MHz)
19 (800 MHz)19 (800 MHz)19 (800 MHz)19 (800 MHz)18 (800 MHz)
20 (800 DD)20 (800 DD)20 (800 DD)20 (800 DD)19 (800 MHz)
25 (1900 MHz)25 (1900 MHz)25 (1900 MHz)25 (1900 MHz)20 (800 DD)
26 (800 MHz)26 (800 MHz)26 (800 MHz)26 (800 MHz)21 (1500 MHz)
29 (700 de MHz)29 (700 de MHz)29 (700 de MHz)28 (700 APT MHz)25 (1900 MHz)
30 (2300 MHz)30 (2300 MHz)30 (2300 MHz)29 (700 de MHz)26 (800 MHz)
32 (1500 L-band)32 (1500 L-band)32 (1500 L-band)30 (2300 MHz)28 (700 APT MHz)
34 (TD 2000)34 (TD 2000)34 (TD 2000)32 (1500 L-band)29 (700 de MHz)
38 (TD 2600)38 (TD 2600)38 (TD 2600)34 (TD 2000)30 (2300 MHz)
39 (TD 1900)39 (TD 1900)39 (TD 1900)38 (TD 2600)34 (TD 2000)
40 (TD 2300)40 (TD 2300)40 (TD 2300)39 (TD 1900)38 (TD 2600)
41 (TD 2500)41 (TD 2500)41 (TD 2500)40 (TD 2300)39 (TD 1900)
46 (TD Unlicensed)46 (TD Unlicensed)46 (TD Unlicensed)41 (TD 2500)40 (TD 2300)
66 (AWS-3)66 (AWS-3)66 (AWS-3)46 (TD Unlicensed)41 (TD 2500)
71 (600 MHz)71 (600 MHz)71 (600 MHz)66 (AWS-3)42 (TD 3500)
46 (TD Unlicensed)
66 (AWS-3)

Note: The purpose of this post is only to highlight the fact that iPhone XS Max models sold in Hong Kong and China support the same LTE bands that the iPhone XS Max models sold in the United States do, and a slightly different set of bands from the rest of the world.

While we are confident that an iPhone XS Max purchased from Hong Kong and China will work in any country, we do NOT know for sure if the physical Dual nano-SIM functionality will work just as good.

If you happen to buy the new iPhone XS Max from Hong Kong or China and travel to a different country, do let us know if the Dual nano-SIM functionality works when you are in another country.


  1. I travelled to the UK with iPhone xs max (Hong Kong model) and used Vodafone Sim as secondary sim along with China Telecom sim on it. It worked like charm!

  2. Has anyone bought A2104 iPhone XS and used it in the US?
    If so which carrier? My friend says it doesn’t work on Verizon.

  3. tell me is there any network problem in India while we bought iPhone xs max A2104 from hongkong

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