Waze and Google Maps not showing in Apple CarPlay on iOS 12


Google Maps update with support for Apple CarPlay in iOS 12 is now available to download on the App Store [→ Direct link].

Waze is yet to release an updated app, but it shouldn’t take any longer now.

At WWDC 2018 Apple announced support for a few more 3rd-party apps in Apple CarPlay. And it clearly showed Waze and Google Maps on the screen on an Apple CarPlay display.

However, it seems the feature isn’t available yet with the iOS 12 beta. Or maybe we have to wait for an update to Waze and Google Maps to be supported by CarPlay.

Knowing Apple, chances are pretty good you’ll see these apps running on your car’s dashboard only after iOS 12 officially releases in September.

Let’s wait for a couple of weeks to see if any app updates would enable Google Maps and Waze on Apple CarPlay with iOS 12 Beta.


  1. It’s unfortunate, that was the only reason I upgraded to the iOS12 beta and then realized Google Maps still wasn’t available in CarPlay. To add to that there are some new bugs with CarPlay in iOS12 that I haven’t seen before.

  2. same here…I know its a beta but still !

  3. Me too…. I was looking forward to having google maps and waze on carplay!!!

  4. Release notes should have said:
    Easter egg for those of you looking for Waze and Google Maps in Carplay. Neither of those apps will show up but a less safe and reliable experience is included for the apps that you already have. Good luck force closing Spotify while driving.

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