Clubhouse has a notification tab where you can check all the recent events in your network and outside. Many users are bothered with the default notification settings of Clubhouse since they end up receiving far too many. However, these can be customized in the app settings or turned off completely in the phone settings.

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Most of the users don’t understand how notifications work on Clubhouse. If you plan to customize the notification setting, you should know why and when you receive them.

If the notification settings are set to default, you will receive the notifications in the given cases.

Hosting Welcome Rooms

When someone you invite or a person in your network joins Clubhouse, you will receive a notification to host a welcome room. A welcome room is meant to get the new user-oriented to Clubhouse and learn the features.

Someone in Your Follow List Starts a Room

Clubhouse sends a notification when someone you follow starts a room. You can tap on the join icon in the notification at the top. If you are the first one to join, you will be in the speaker’s section or the stage. If you are the second person to join, you will be in the listener’s section.

Someone in Your Follow List is Speaking

When someone you follow is speaking in any room, Clubhouse will send you a notification for the same. These notifications help you listen to your friends speaking.

Trending Rooms

Clubhouse also sends a notification when there are trending rooms happening. This helps you join and listen to some of the most happening conversations going on around.

Now that you have read the article, you will be able to understand the concept of notifications. A good understanding will help you toggle through the notification section and prioritize your interests.