Clubhouse is one of the platforms where people can interact with others from different walks of life, share ideas and experiences. To interact with other users, you have to join one of the live rooms in Clubhouse. These rooms are displayed on your Hallway, an app-specific term for the Clubhouse main screen.

People in a Clubhouse room are categorized into three sections, speakers, followed by speakers, and listeners. Those in the last two sections are listeners, and they can go to the speaker’s section or stage by raising their hand.

There are multiple aspects a listener should be aware of to enjoy their Clubhouse experience.

🙋 Raise your Hand when You Want to Speak

When you see people interacting in a room on a topic that you can relate to, request the moderator to allow you on the stage. To request, tap on the ‘Raise Hand’ icon at the bottom, and you will be in the speaker’s section as soon as the moderator approves.

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There may be times when the moderator may not call you up right away. This could be because they are not ready to take questions yet, there are a lot of requests, or maybe they are about to sum things up. There is no need to feel offended or dejected if you do not get a chance to be on the stage.

👂 Listening is Just as Good

Listening to interactions and discussions going on in a room, to learn from it, is a great idea. A listener shouldn’t be under the impression that they have to speak, listening is just as good. While you are listening to a conversation, you can check the profiles of other users in the listener’s section as well as those on the stage and connect with them.

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🛋️ In the Meanwhile, Check Other Rooms

While listening in a room, you can check the titles of other rooms as well, and if anything interests you, simply jump rooms. To check other rooms, just tap on the ‘All Rooms’ option at the top, and it will open your Clubhouse feed where the rooms are displayed.

Users generally jumps rooms to find interesting conversations or discussions. Moreover, there is also a chance that the conversation in the room you are a part of takes a sudden turn and you suddenly lose interest. Checking other rooms every now and then ensures that you have an option in such cases.

🤹 Multitasking is the Key

People have been spending hours on Clubhouse every day, ever since it got in the limelight. Now, you can’t sideline all your other work and spend hours on an app, therefore, Multitasking is the key.

Several Clubhouse users work while listening to a conversation or being a part of it. Furthermore, you can be active on the app while doing almost anything. That is a good thing since many users have reported receiving inspiration and ideas on Clubhouse.

💬 Chat with Your Friend in a Separate Room

Sometimes, you see a friend in a room and want to share something with them or discuss the topic at hand privately. The two of you can start a new room by tapping on their profile and then selecting ‘Start a New Room Together’.

🤫 Leave Quitely Without Offending Anyone

Clubhouse has the option to quitely leave a conversation and no one receives any notification. Someone who has been monitoring your presence in the room might notice it, but Clubhouse does not send any notification or pop-up, like it does when someone you follow joins the room.

After reading this article, you must be versed with the concept and role of a listener in a room. Moreover, in large rooms most of the people are listeners and there is no actual spotlight on you, therefore, don’t be under any pressure when listening.