Clubhouse has reached the 10 million downloads worldwide mark within a year of launch. It’s a big accomplishment for any new social networking platform. Not to forget, Clubhouse is currently letting people sign up only if they receive an invite from someone who has an account and it’s only available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad users, and not the Play Store for Android users.

With such a large user base, various theories and misconceptions have come up regarding the app. Most of the users wonder if Clubhouse records their conversation in a room while they speak. Another common concern amongst users is whether Clubhouse records audio from speakers on mute or the listeners. We will try to clear the suspense around this in the next couple of paragraphs.

Is Everything in a Clubhouse Room Recorded?

Clubhouse does record the audio in a room while it’s live for the investigation, in case an incident is reported. Clubhouse claims to delete the audio after the room ends if no incident is reported. In case someone reports a Trust and Safety violation, Clubhouse will use the recording to ascertain the facts and resolve the issue. Once the investigation is completed, Clubhouse deletes the audio file, as per their FAQ section.

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However, Clubhouse does not record the audio if your microphone is muted or you are in the listener’s section. This means that only the conversation in the room is recorded, and any background sound around you is not recorded by Clubhouse.

The audio recording of a room is encrypted, thus users need not worry about its misuse. Moreover, you should also never indulge in anything that could get you reported. Always follow the Clubhouse etiquettes.

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