The aiming mechanics Respawn used in Apex Legends are one of the best we have seen in a game. The default settings are more than enough for all types of players. However, if you’re unable to aim better in Apex Legends and are finding it hard to shoot the enemy, below are some of the common tips to help you out.

Seasoned PC gamers know their way around FPS games pretty well, but Apex Legends being a free-to-play game has invited a lot of mobile gamers who have enjoyed Fortnite and PUBG on their phones, to the PC gaming scene. The tips below can significantly help these casual gamers to fix their aim in Apex Legends.

Tips to improve aim in Apex Legends

  • Train yourself with Kovaak’s FPS Aim Trainer. This is the most helpful thing you’ll come by to improve your aim in FPS games. The trainer has a profile for Apex Legends that you can use. A must do to improve your aim.
  • Use a 60 Hz Monitor: This is big. If you’re using a monitor that refreshes below 60 Hz, it’s probably the reason some of the players in the game shoot you before you click the trigger.
  • Overclock your 60 Hz monitor to 75 Hz: If your monitor supports overclocking, and you’re okay with it, then go to the custom resolution setting from your GPUs control panel and create a custom profile with 75 Hz refresh rate (both Nvidia and AMD support it). On Nvidia cards, open Nvidia Control Panel » Change resolution » Display settings » Customize » Create custom resolution.
  • Use Display Port instead of HDMI: Only using a 60 Hz monitor won’t do any good if you’re using the wrong IO method. Use the Display Port on your graphics card to connect the monitor to the PC.
  • Increase FPS in Apex Legends. This is a must. Do it.
  • Always Aim Down Sight when shooting: Right-click to aim down sight, and then shoot. This greatly improves accuracy.
  • Crouch and shoot: Whenever possible, crouch before you shoot. This helps reducing recoil, the backward movement caused by a force/impact of a gunshot.
  • Don’t use Assault Rifles, SMGs, and LMGs for long distance shots. If you’re trying to shoot in long distances with a non-sniper gun using a scope, then you’ll most likely miss your shot even when aimed perfectly because the bullet will lose its aim in the travel time. Use only sniper guns for long distance shots.

That’s it for now. We hope the tips shared above help you aim better in Apex Legends. Happy Gaming!