The good players never look to cheats to win a game, but when it comes to exploits it’s kinda fun to have a look at the loophole game developers leave behind. We tired the melee exploit in Apex Legends, and it was shockingly fun. You could kill an enemy with endless kicks in mere seconds with the melee exploit, there’s literally nothing stopping you.

However, exploits destroy gameplay. Game developers generally don’t ban people who take advantage of the exploits because it’s their own doing, but the community should act responsibly. The melee exploit in Apex Legends is the responsibility of players to ignore. Respawn is going to patch it anyway, but meanwhile, the players should keep things usual to let everyone have fun with the game.

That said, exploits that hurt the business model of the game, like the Origin Access exploit which lets users get Origin Access rewards for Apex Legends without paying a penny, should be avoided by everyone.

Origin Access rewards include free 1,000 Apex Coins, a legendary Flatline skin, and an exclusive badge. Some users have found that using a command in the Origin launch options for Apex Legends, they can trick the game into unlocking the Origin Access rewards without an active subscription of the service. It’s a similar exploit which was used to unlock the Twitch Prime loot as well.

Rumor has it that Respawn postponed the launch of Battle Pass because of the Origin Access exploit which lets users get 1,000 Apex Coins for free. Apex Legends Battle Pass is going to cost 950 Apex Coins and users will have to spend $10 in the game to get that many apex coins. Which is good business for Respawn, but the Origin Access exploit would have destroyed the battle pass earnings for Respawn.

Respawn is currently working on a way to patch Origin Access, and melee exploit in Apex Legends. But we don’t know what the company is going to do with the players who have already added 1,000 apex coins to their accounts using the exploit. If those players haven’t yet used the Apex Coins, Respawn should be able to remove the unauthenticated coins from the users’ accounts easily. If the users have consumed the coins for unlocking stuff in the game, then it might not be possible for the developer to reverse transactions.

If you haven’t yet involved yourself with the Origin Access exploit in Apex Legends, it’s better to stay away from it. Using this exploit is basically stealing in-game currency from Respawn. Not good. If the battle pass is all you care about, there are legit ways to get for half the price.

The Origin Access Basic monthly subscription which costs $4.99 gets you the same Rewards users have been getting with the exploit. You can cancel the subscription within a month while keeping the 1,000 apex coins reward which you could use to purchase the battle pass when it releases.

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Happy gaming!