The release of Apex Legends Season 1 and battle pass is nearing and it seems Respawn has already begun teasing players on all platforms with some of the new features in the game that are part of the upcoming Wild Frontier update of the game.

The Market area in the Kings Canyon now has so-called “Jump Pads” which lets players take a long jump by simply walking/running over the pad.

Reddit is already filled with some fun gameplay clips users have made using the jump pads.

Trying new things with the Jump Pad ! from r/apexlegends

One user posted a video where he was killing enemies using the jump pads while his teammate thought he’s cheating and thus left the game out of honor.

Rumor has it that these jump pads will be the ultimate ability of the upcoming new legend in the game — Octane. Dataminer Shrugtal found a new file named Octane_Jump_Pad in the game’s installation files with the same texture as the jump pads we have seen in the game. So chances are you’ll stop seeing these jump pads once Octane is released along with the battle pass in the next few days, that is if these Jump Pads are Octane’s ult.

The Jump Pad texture is now in the files as Octane_Jump_Pad from r/apexlegends

Respawn developers have also responded to some of the Jump pad posts on the Reddit but not in a helpful way. The developers responded with two different emojis (? … ?) in two different posts on Reddit.

Anyway, the Apex Legends battle pass and the new legend Octane are going to release when they are going to release. If Respawn wants us to have fun with the Jump pads meanwhile, why not do some crazy things with it?