If the recent leaks about the L-Star EMG launching in Apex Legends weren’t convincing enough for you, data miners have now obtained 3D renders of the new weapon with its skins and stuff. The gun is likely to use energy ammo, but we aren’t sure about its functionality.

L-Star is expected to release with the launch of Apex Legends Season 1 and battle pass which are expected to launch anytime this month. Respawn is keeping the launch date for the battle pass a secret but it isn’t shy of teasing the users with the new experiences battle pass and the new legend “Octane” will bring to the game.

The promo images of Apex Legends have had the fans wondering if L-Star will releasing in the game in a future update. After all, L-Star was a weapon in the Titanfall game, and since Apex Legends falls into the Titanfall universe, it’s not surprising if weapons from the Titanfall series make it to Apex as well.

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In Titanfall, L-Star is a light machine gun that is powered by energy ammo. The gun has a heating mechanism allowing it to fire at a faster rate. In Apex Legends, L-Star might come to be an equivalent of Prowler and Hemlock which have an excellent fire rate but can only shoot in bursts.

We hope to see L-Star EMG launching along side the release of Apex Legends battle pass.