Even though millions of users are playing Apex Legends on their Xbox, you may still find yourself waiting for hours to play a single game as the matchmaking process puts you in an endless queue. Respawn acknowledged this issue last week and even rolled out an update to fix the problem. But unfortunately, the matchmaking delay is still very much there on the Xbox One.

The queue keeps shifting the waiting numbers, but it doesn’t ever get a match and start the game. We have been waiting for more than an hour in the matchmaking queue to play Apex Legends on our Xbox, but it doesn’t seem to come to an end.

If the queue had been long, we would understand the load on servers, but here we are waiting in a queue lesser than 30 and yet it’s stuck in the matchmaking process for more than an hour.

Make it work Respawn. I have seen queues as long as 1600 players when playing Apex Legends on PC, and it never took more than a few seconds to start a game. But it’s taking forever on the Xbox.