A Twitch streamer Mengiez who plays Apex Legends by the name TTV_TheGoudz has been banned by Respawn for using hacks while playing Apex Legends on a PC.

The cheater was caught while live streaming Apex Legends on Twitch with some obvious-to-spot hacks enabled on his PC. Mengiez was seen using a wallhack which enabled him to see players even when they were hidden behind cover. The streamer might also have utilized aim-botting systems as he was firing at enemies with utmost accuracy. Online gamers were able to clip some of the videos, thus providing Respawn with the required pieces of evidence.

Several players on the PC have resorted to cheating to win a game in Apex Legends. Respawn has already banned over 16000 players for using cheats in the game. However, there are still many hackers in the dark corners of Kings Canyon, and unless Respawn introduces a system to let users report cheating players directly through an in-game option, it won’t be possible to catch them all.