Aussie shows are well-known for their top-notch quality, creative storylines, and unique plots. Quite a few of them have forayed into the international stage, giving strong competition even to Hollywood. That being said, let’s list down the best Australian shows streaming currently on Netflix, that you definitely shouldn’t miss.


This chilling, scary Aussie thriller series is about seven people who have risen from the dead in perfect physical forms. A cop and a doctor are summoned to investigate the case and the story follows their quest of seeking answers to explain something that’s seemingly impossible. Currently, its 2 seasons are available on Netflix, with a 3rd installment being filmed presently.



Rake is a witty, cynical show which follows the day-to-day events in the life of a talented yet dishonest attorney who earns his living by defending society’s offenders. Loathed by almost all his colleagues, he wins cases for his ratbag clients with his unorthodox arguments and unapologetic use of expletives.


This Australian comedy-drama show is about a 30-year-old obstetrician — along with her friends and family — who face the ups and downs of modern life. As of date, all the seven seasons of the show are available on Netflix for its subscribers.

Deep Water

Deep Water is an Aussie thriller miniseries which follows a cop after she returns to her hometown — Bondi Beach — to investigate the murder of a gay man. As she investigates, she starts finding clues about her brother’s murder that happened years ago.

Secret City

An Australian political drama, Secret City takes you through the corridors of Canberra as journalist Harriet Dunkley tries to uncover the city’s hidden secrets, lies, and conspiracies. With the rising tensions between China and America and threats to her own life, this series makes for a gripping watch.


Another thriller drama, Wanted is about two women who turn partners when they become witnesses to a murder. The story documents the events when this two opposite females are forced to be on the run after they are framed for murder by corrupt cops.

Kath and Kim

Kath and Kim is an Australian sitcom based on a cheerful middle-aged woman Kath and her self-indulgent daughter Kim. When Kim becomes disillusioned with her 2-month marriage, she comes back home to witness her mother preparing to wed a guy named Kel.


Wentworth is a gritty drama set in the Australian women’s prison of the same name. When Bea Smith is accused and held for her husband’s murder, she must face the tough Franky and her gang. Filled with prison drama and politics, this is another gripping watch.

The Code

This Australian TV program follows the two brothers — a journalist and a hacker — when they investigate a deadly car crash. However, their research leads them to clues that might unfold a conspiracy which involves even the government.

The Let-Down

The Let Down is a comedy-drama that is based on a new mother who joins a support group. There she meets other people and makes friends with some quirky individuals, who are facing various life challenges, changes, and situations.

Please Like Me

When 20-year-old Josh is dumped by his girlfriend, he realizes he is gay. He beds another attractive guy and moves in with his suicidal mother. Filled with comic moments and hilarious twists, this show is definitely a light, recreational watch.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Packed with some of our favorite elements — fashion, jazz, sex, feminism, and murder — Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is the perfect period drama. It follows the gorgeous and sophisticated Phryne Fisher in 1920s Melbourne as she solves gruesome crimes in her free hours. All three seasons of this series are now streaming on Netflix.

The Principal

Matt Bashir is appointed as the principal of Boxdale Boys High — which houses some of the most violent boys. Matt is determined to tackle the school’s history of conflict by employing a radical approach. However, when it appears like he is making progress, a 17-year-old student is found dead on the school grounds.

So there it is! We guess we have covered them all. What are your recommendations? Let us know in the comment section below.