Some Apex Legends players on the PC might be getting a “untrusted system file” error for the igdumd64.dll file under the c:/windows/system32 directory. The Easy Anti-Cheat system detects the file as a suspicious system file and thus stops the game from launching on the PC.

The igdumd64.dll file is an Intel Graphics driver file which has a history of crashing software which requires the DirectX function CreateDevice(). And this function is called by every game on Windows. Anyway, if EA’s Easy Anti-Cheat system is detecting the file as an untrusted system file, you can probably fix it by re-installing the Intel Graphics Driver on your PC.

Download the Intel Graphics Driver appropriate for your system from the download link above. However, note that, before re-installing the Graphics driver, it’s better to delete the corrupt igdumd64.dll file manually from the c:/windows/system32 directory.

After reinstalling the Intel Graphics Driver, also make sure that Windows is up to date on your system. And lastly, do repair the game from via Origin once to clear any corrupt files in the game’s installation itself.

How to Repair Apex Legends via Origin