Most of the Apex Legends players haven’t yet fully familiarized with the abilities and playing styles of the eight legends in the game, but Respawn is already working on eleven new legends who might take the fun of playing Apex Legends to another level.

Redditor HansLandaBlackout leaked the names of the new Apex Legends characters which he probably found in the game’s installation files after the recent update. Below are the names of all the new legends which are in the pipeline and expected to release in the near future.

11 new Apex Legends character names found in game’s installation files

New Apex Legends character names

  • Crypto
  • Husaria
  • Jericho
  • Nomad
  • Octane
  • Prophet
  • Rampart
  • Rosie
  • Skunner
  • Template
  • Wattson

These new legends will most likely come as unlockable content in the game like Mirage and Caustic have been since launch. Also, Respawn will likely launch the new legends in batches of two at a time to keep things simple and fun.

Apex Legends fans have already begun guessing the abilities of the upcoming legends. Check out the list by one Redditor Mellodux who posted possible/interesting abilities for each new legend in the game.

New Legends’ Ability Guesses

by Mellodux

Relative of Mirage, another possible defense character similar to Bangalore because of the shared missile names.

It has been speculated that this is a man that gives boosts to his teammates. Maybe a speed boost? Would definitely help outrun the field of death.

Possible robot that shocks other legends to death.

I’m not sure, but she’s bound to be riveting.

Most likely a Scottish character of some sort, hoping for a melee ability that involves a blackthorn club.

Maybe a hacker-ish character that expands on Pathfinder’s passive.

Definitely going to be the most badass Polish person in video game history. No idea about abilities, he/she/it is already my main.

Maybe area denial abilities such as Bangalore’s ability.

Might create small pieces of permanent cover for when you’re trying to cross an open area of terrain.

Might be a more intel based character such as Bloodhound, but with abilities like Wraith’s passive.

I’m guessing another “movement based” character like Pathfinder, a person who’s made to be on the move.

Source: Reddit | Featured image by Redditor malaivica