How to Change Mouse Pointer (Cursor) Color and Size in Windows 11

Mouse Pointer

Windows 11, like the previous version, allows you to change the mouse pointer color and size. Many users opt for it since the default cursor might be too small or the pointer colour not easily identifiable. The good news is, the process remains as simple as it was earlier.

There are various customizations available to cater to the needs of all users. Let’s see what all options are available and how you can apply them to Windows 11.

To change the mouse pointer color and size, first, launch the ‘Start Menu’ either by clicking on the Taskbar Icon or press the WINDOWS key, search for ‘Settings’, and click on the relevant search result to launch the app.

In Windows 11, the ‘Settings’ app has been completely redesigned. There are different listed on the left, select ‘Accessibility’ from the list.

In the ‘Accessibility’ settings, select the ‘Mouse pointer and touch’ tab on the right under the ‘Vision’ section.

You are now in the ‘Mouse pointer and touch’ settings where you can change both the size and color of the mouse pointer.

Changing the Pointer Color

You will find four options under ‘Mouse Pointer Style’. The first option is selected by default. Let’s see what these four options are.

Note: The numbers mentioned under each option are added to provide a better explanation for each and are not a part of the Windows 11 settings.

  • White: The first option is selected by default and the pointer appears white.
  • Black: When you select the second option, the color of the pointer changes to ‘Black’, as the name indicates.
  • Inverted: When you select ‘Inverted’, the pointer appears ‘Black’ on ‘White’ background and ‘White’ on a ‘Black’ background.
  • Custom: The fourth option, i.e., Custom, allows you to choose any color.

Since the first three options are simple and have been thoroughly explained, it’s time we explore what the ‘Custom’ option has to offer.

When you click on the ‘Custom’ option, the ‘Lime’ color will be selected by default. You can select any other color from the ones listed below. Or to choose one that’s not listed, click on the ‘Choose another color’ option.

Now you can choose any color that you want for the pointer. Just click on a particular portion in the box and then use the slider below to adjust the color value. Finally, click on ‘Done’ to apply the changes to the mouse pointer color.

Change the Mouse Cursor Size

To increase the pointer size, drag the slider next to ‘size’ to the right. The pointer size is by default set to ‘1’, which is the minimum size. You can increase it upto ’15’.

The size numbers mentioned here wouldn’t make much sense until you drag the slider yourself. Also, the pointer size will change while dragging the slider, and you can stop dragging further when it reaches the desired size.

The ability to change pointer size comes in handy for those with visual impairments as it helps them distinctly view the cursor. Also, you can choose refreshing and appealing pointer colors and make working fun.