Privacy is one of the major concerns these days when it comes to technology. The more advancements that are happening in technology, the more we are losing control over our privacy and data. Have you ever worried about someone stealing your data or recording you secretly?

But it happens all the time these days. “Data is the new oil,” and quite possibly, it’s also the new gold. That’s why our data is vulnerable, and our privacy breached all the time in this new world order. And the sad thing is, we don’t even realize it most of the time.

iOS 14 can help you protect your Privacy

But, now you can have some portion of control back over your privacy with iOS 14. This feature in iOS 14 lets you know whenever an app is using your camera or microphone without your permission.

That’s how people realized that Instagram was accessing their camera when no request to access the camera was made. It can be really scary to think that an app is recording you or spying on you while you were just casually strolling through your feed.

Since then, Instagram has clarified that it was just a bug, and they were not really spying on or recording people. But the thing is, before iOS 14, they might as well have been and we would’ve been none the wiser. It’s truly a gift for us that Apple decided things should be more transparent, and gave us more control over our privacy.

iOS 14 has a yellowish and green indicator light that goes off whenever an app uses your microphone or camera.

What’s more, you can even know which app used it last from the Control Center. So no app can spy on you, and stealthily access your camera or microphone without you finding out about it if you’re using iOS 14.

iOS 14 is not available as a public version yet; it will release publicly in the fall this year. But you can get the beta version if you’re eager to try it.

It can be really discerning to find out that a beloved app is spying on you, but isn’t it better to know than staying in the dark? So keep an eye out for the small light and you’ll never be in the dark again.