Google Meet, previously known as Google Hangouts Meet, has gained a lot of popularity in the past few weeks as the world has found itself greatly dependent on collaboration and video conferencing apps. Organizations, schools, and universities have all had to make the shift to a Workstream Collaboration app, and Google Meet has proven itself one of the top picks from the lot.

Google Meet lets users hold online meetings with up to 250 participants with unparalleled security measures. Anyone can join a meeting on Google Meet, whether they are a G-Suite user or not, but only G-Suite users can start and host meetings. Google Meet makes it quite easy for users to create meetings and even offers various ways to start a meeting depending on the user’s needs.

Create a Google Meet Link and Meeting Code

Hosting a spontaneous meeting with Google Meet has to be the quickest and easiest. To host an impromptu Google Meet, first, go to and sign in with your G Suite account. Then, click on ‘Join or start a meeting’ button on the page.

On the popup box, you can either enter a nickname for your meeting so people in your organization or institute could easily join the meeting. Or leave the box empty and click on the ‘Continue’ button to let Google generate a Meet link that you can share with anyone, even to people outside your organization.

The Google Meet link is generated even though you give the meeting a nickname. However, only members of your organization will be able to use the nickname to join your meeting. Everyone else would have to use the Google Meet link or Google Meet code to join.

💡 You can use reuse a nickname every time you host a meeting, so your colleagues or students can quickly join the meeting without you having to re-share the joining info every time.

After you click the ‘Continue’ button, a Google Meet room will be created within a few seconds and you’ll be presented with a ‘Meeting ready’ screen with the option to join the meeting.

By this time, your Google Meet link and Google Meet code have also been generated. Right below the ‘Meeting ready’ heading, you’ll find your Google Meet link that also consists the Meet code.

Example of a Google Meet Link:

To get Google Meet code out of the link, copy the part after the / in the Google Meet link.

Below is the Google Meet code extracted from the Meet link mentioned above.

Example of a Google Meet Code: fvy-snse-irp

You can share either the Google Meet link or Google Meet code with the participants to invite them to the meeting.

Guests from within as well as outside your organization and even those who don’t have a Google account can join a Google Meet using either meeting link or the meeting code.

Create a Google Meet in Advance from Calendar

Not all virtual meetings we host can be impromptu. In fact, a lot more meetings are planned and scheduled in advance instead, to avoid conflicts in schedule and make sure everyone can attend and be well-prepared.

Google Meet users can schedule meetings rather easily than other such apps. Open the Google Calendar and sign-in using the G-suite account you use with Google Meet.

Click on the ‘Create’ button to schedule a meeting from Calendar. Fill in all the details of the meeting, like date and time, email ids of guests you want to invite. As soon as you enter an email id in the Guest column, a Hangouts Meet link will automatically generate.

If you are not entering any guest details, then click on the ‘Add location or conferencing’ option. It will expand into two. Click on the second option, ‘Add conferencing’ to generate a Google Meet link. Click on ‘Save’ to schedule the meeting and your guests will receive the meeting invite.

They can join the meeting at the scheduled time and date from the meeting information shared with them.

👉 Read our detailed guide on scheduling a Google Meet using the calendar for more information.

Create a Google Meet in Google Classroom

There are plenty of options for teaching online classes to students for teachers, but Google Meet has to be one of the best out there and for good reason! Teaching online classes using Google Meet was already quite easier than most apps, but then Google went ahead and integrated Google Meet in Google Classroom.

If you already use Google Classroom to manage your classes, you can make use of the Google Meet integration in the Classroom to make it effortless for you to host a class and for students to join your class.

Go to and sign-in with your institute’s G Suite account. Then, access Settings of the class for which you want to create a Google Meet and click on the ‘Generate Meet Link’ under the General section.

The Google Meet link for the class will be visible on the class dashboard for all students of the class. Students can click the ‘Meet link’ and join in every time you’re taking a class. No need for invites at all.

Your students can go to the class in Google Classroom and join the Google Meet from there.

👉 Full step-by-step guide: How to Use Google Meet in Google Classroom

Creating Google Meet meetings is as easy as a pie for G Suite users. You can create impromptu as well as scheduled Google Meets to hold virtual meetings and classes. And Google has made it even easier for teachers to take online classes by integrating Google Meet with Google Classrooms, so teachers can create Google Meet directly from the Classroom dashboard.