In Short.
To create and send a poll in iMessage, download the 'Polls for iMessage' app from the iMessage App Store. Open the app drawer in Messages, tap 'Polls' icon, and enter the poll title and options. You can also add links and use the smart calendar feature. Customize the settings and send the poll to your group.

It’s the era of messaging and iMessage has maintained its cult status with Apple users. We often use messages to communicate more than we call each other these days. And quite right, too. Unless it’s an urgent matter, messages give people the freedom to reply at their own convenience. And especially when you’re talking about groups.

But when it comes to group chats, it gets tricky when you’re making plans or want to decide on something. The ability to create polls in messages would certainly make life easier. Unfortunately, iMessage doesn’t have any such feature. But thankfully, iMessage has its own App Store, and you can get polling apps from there. It might not be the same as a native feature; for starters; everyone has to download the app. But it’s still a great workaround.

Use Polls for iMessage App to Create Polls

Polls for iMessage is a free app that makes it extremely easy to create polls in iMessage. Without leaving the chat, you can create polls, vote, and view the results. You can download it from the iMessage App Store. Open any chat or prefer the chat you want to send the poll in.

Tap the ‘App drawer’ icon (looks like a grey App Store icon) at the left of the compose box to open the app drawer.

From the app drawer, tap the ‘App Store’ icon.

Then, tap the ‘Search’ icon on the App Store screen.

Search for ‘Polls for iMessage’. The app listing will appear. Tap ‘Get’ to download and install the app.

Creating a Poll in iMessage

Now, go to the chat you want to send the poll to. Although you can create polls in a normal chat, it’s ideally practical for group chats.

Then, open the app drawer icon and tap the icon for ‘Polls’.

The interface for polls will open on the lower half of the screen. Tap ‘Get Started’ to create a poll.

The overlay screen for Polls will expand. Enter a title for the poll and tap ‘Next’.

Then, enter the options for the poll. You have to add at least two options but you can add as many options as you want. Tap ‘Add Option’ to add an option.

The textbox will open. You can either type the text or you can also paste copied text or links. The option to add links comes in /handy when you want to compare something.

The links will appear as options in the poll.

The app also has a smart calendar option that helps decide on a date or time. Start typing a time or day (or date) or both and tap the calendar suggestion that appears to add it to the poll.

After you have added an option, you can tap the ‘-‘ button at the top right corner of the option to delete it.

To arrange the order of the options, tap and hold the three vertical lines at the left and move it to the new position.

You can also edit the various settings related to the poll. Tap the ‘Settings’ icon in the lower right corner to open settings.

The app offers you control over 4 settings.

  • See who voted: When you keep this option selected, everyone in the chat can see who voted for each option.
  • Add Options: With this option enabled, other users in the chat can also add options to the poll. But they cannot modif or delete the original options added by the poll creator.
  • Declare a Winner: Once everyone in the group finishes voting, a winner is declared when this options is enabled.
  • Mutliple Votes: Keeping this option enabled allows people to cast multiple votes.

By default, all these settings are enabled. Uncheck an option to disable it.

If you change the settings, you can also save the new settings as your new defaults by tapping the ‘Save as defaults’ option that appears. The settings will then be saved for all polls going forward. Otherwise, the general default settings will be applicable for new polls and these preferences will only apply to the current poll.

Tap the ‘Back’ option to return to the draft.

If you close the poll, it’s saved as a draft. Whenever you open the Poll app again it’ll continue from the same point where you left it. To delete the draft and start over, tap ‘Discard’ in the lower-left corner.

A confirmation prompt will appear. Tap the ‘Discard’ option to confirm.

Once the poll is complete, tap the ‘Send Poll’ button to send it to the group.

Voting and Viewing Poll Results

To vote for a poll, everyone in the chat will have to install the Polls app. Tap the poll to open it and send your vote. Depending on the settings, you can also add options to the poll. Select the option you want to vote for and tap the ‘Send Vote’ option.

The results of the poll are updated live and you can see them as people cast their vote. And every time someone votes, the poll moves to the front of the conversation. So, you can stay updated on the results without having to swipe up in the chat. Even users who haven’t installed the app can view the results.

Polls for iMessage is one third-party app that you can use to create polls in iMessage. You could also try other apps like TinyPolls; it’s completely at your discretion. But Polls for iMessage is a great app that you can use to decide on anything in your group chats. And until a native polling feature appears someday, third-party apps will always be there.