Google has always been adding great new features to Chrome. However, as per the current lookout, it looks as if the mobile counterpart has been receiving more love than the desktop version. That being said, Chrome is here with a ‘Live Caption’ feature for all videos and audio played through the browser. Which no other browser can boast.

All the praises to Chrome, but the feature only supports the English language as of now. Also, there’s no announcement on when and if they will be adding more languages anytime soon. So, if you are one of the users who do not wish to use the live caption feature as of yet, read along to learn how to disable it.

Disable Live Captions from Media Center

Disabling the option from the media center is completely effortless. Well, the search engine behemoth sure well knows to have a user-centric approach for its products.

Note: Media center option would only be available if there is an audio or video playing on any of the tabs which are currently open.

Click on the ‘Media Center’ button from the top right corner of the screen. Next, toggle the switch to the ‘Off’ position situated on the bottom right corner of the media center pane. That’s it you are done!

disable live captions in chrome from media center

Disable Live Captions from Accessibility Menu

If you want to turn off the captions, the old school way. Below are the steps for you.

Click on the kebab menu (three-vertical-dots) from the top right corner of the screen. Then click on the ‘Settings’ option from the list.

Now, click on the Advanced tab and then choose the ‘Accessibility’ option from the expanded options.

Alternatively, you can also type chrome://settings/accessibility in the search bar of Chrome to access the accessibility page.

On Chrome’s accessibility settings screen, find the ‘Live Caption’ option and toggle the switch to the ‘Off’ position. The live captions are now disabled permanently.

disable live captions in chrome

Chrome’s ability to add Live Captions to any video playing in the browser is incredible. If at any point you would like to enable live captions in Chrome back on, know that it’s just a toggle away in the accessibility settings.