If you have seen those cute reels or TikToks circulating where people are using iMessage to draw cute stuff, like baking Pizza together in drawings (yes, people do that), and want to get in on the action, it's completely understandable.

The joy of doodling and sketching is unmatched, no matter how old you are. And when you get to do it effortlessly on your iPhone, why miss it? So, all you artsy-texty folks out there, get ready to dive into this treasure of iMessage, where you can unleash your inner Picasso or, let's be real, your inner 5-year-old.

Use Digital Touch to Draw in iMessage

The easiest way to draw in iMessage is using Digital Touch. Open the Messages app on your iPhone and navigate to the contact's conversation with whom you want to indulge in a little doodling back and forth. Or start a new conversation – because nothing says, "Hey, we haven't talked in years" like a hastily drawn stick figure.

Then, tap the '+' icon in the bottom left corner to open the app drawer (in iOS 17). In iOS 16 or before, the app drawer will appear underneath the message box; tap the 'App Drawer' icon if it isn't visible.

Next, swipe up and go to the 'Digital Touch' app, the one that looks like a heart with two fingers. That's not a secret cult symbol; it's your gateway to doodledom.

Now, your canvas will appear on the bottom of the screen.

You can swipe up to expand the canvas to full screen. Next, choose the color you'd like to use from the dots given.

Once selected, use one finger to draw whatever you want on the screen. You can also change the color mid-sketch and draw again. Then, tap the 'Send' icon to send the message.

Digital Touch also includes some effects that you can send with just the tap of a finger or two. These animated effects are sent automatically once you complete the gesture. The gestures for Digital Touch include:

  • Tap: Tap the canvas with a single finger to send a circular burst of color. You can also select a different color and tap again to create another circle.
  • Tap and hold with one finger: Sends a fireball
  • Tap with two fingers: Sends a kiss
  • Tap and hold with two fingers: Sends a heartbeat
  • Tap and hold with two fingers until you see a heart, then drag down: Sends a heartbreak.

Apart from Digital Touch, you can also send handwritten messages with iMessage.

How to Send a Handwritten Message on iPhone
Did you know that you could send handwritten messages to people using iMessage on the iPhone? No? Well, it’s not a surprise considering the feature is slightly hidden, and unless you use your iPhone in landscape mode while texting, there is a good chance you have never encountered it.

Draw the Viral TikTok Pizza

While Digital Touch is fun, you'll find that you can't really draw the viral TikTok Pizza with your friend using Digital Touch. To follow the pizza trend, you need to get a little creative. Full disclosure: You also need some time on your hands.

The trick to draw these pizzas in the iMessage chat involves drawing on an image. You can draw on any images in iMessage.

For the Pizza, though, first, you'll need to go and get the image of the pizza base. Go to Google, search for an image with a beige circle, and save it to your camera roll.

Now, go to the iMessage chat where you're going to bake this pizza. Tap the '+' icon in the bottom left to access the app drawer and select 'Photos' from the options.

Then, select the photo you previously downloaded. It'll load in the message box. To draw on it, tap the photo once.

Next, tap 'Markup' in the bottom-left corner of the image.

iPhone's markup tool will open. Here, you can unleash your inner Da Vinci and doodle on the image. After drawing, tap the 'Save' button in the top-right corner.

Again, tap 'Done' in the top-right corner.

The image will load in the message box. Tap the 'Send' button.

Now, your friend will need to save the image you sent them and repeat the steps above to draw on it and send it back to you. Traditionally, it goes like this: one friend adds the sauce, the other adds the cheese, then the first adds a topping, and so on.

There's a reason the younger generation prefers to text more than call – they keep finding things to make texting more fun. And drawing in iMessages is just one of those things.