A maximized calendar in the notification center can be a disturbance to the layout of your desktop, workspace, and peace of mind. It takes up too much space on the Notification Center and effectively clutters the area.

Minimizing the calendar is the only means to get it out of your way while checking your notifications. This also helps create a clean and tidy Notification Center – one that would be focusing on relevant notifications. So, if your calendar on the notification center is in the way, here’s how you hide it.

Open the Notification Center to find the culprit. Now, click the downward arrowhead at the top-right corner of the calendar. This will instantly minimize the calendar.

A minimized calendar makes so much space for other notifications in the notifications center. To bring back a minimized calendar, simply click the upward arrowhead at the right corner of the calendar tile.

When you minimize the calendar, it stays that way even when you restart or shut down your computer – for that day. It resumes afterward.