Clubhouse is one of the first audio-only chat apps to have fascinated people from across the globe. It has a little over 10 million users currently while the figure in January was 2 million. These figures paint a clear picture of how Clubhouse has created a storm in the whole social networking game.

Just like any other social networking platform, Clubhouse too has a count of ‘followers’ and ‘following’. Many users are conscious of it and want a higher follower to following ratio. Since Clubhouse is new and is users can only sign up using an invite, the concept of buying followers hasn’t yet crept in.

If you want to increase your followers, read the next couple of sections and employ the same while on Clubhouse.

🗣 Start Speaking

One of the best ways to increase your follower count is to be on the speaker’s section or stage. People on the stage have the maximum attention in the room. Furthermore, also contribute to the topic at hand.

When you speak, the attention of both the other speakers and the listeners is focused on you. Also, if your ideas are valuable, you will certainly see an increase in follower count right away.

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🤵 Host Rooms

Users on Clubhouse generally look for a room where they can either learn or have a fun time. If you believe you are capable of hosting either, it would certainly be the best way to increase your followers.

Moreover, if the concept is a success, you can schedule it daily or weekly. Rooms that are scheduled in advance generally see a higher engagement rate. With a higher engagement rate, your chances of seeing a rise in follower count are high. Also, add a host club to notify more people of your event.

If possible, try to host rooms with celebrities or someone who has achieved great heights in their respective fields. More users tend to join rooms with celebrities on the stage and if you are the host of the room, you will be in the limelight as well.

🧑‍💼 Moderating Skills

When you host a room, you automatically become the moderator but you add more people to the moderator’s list to help you manage. The listeners or the speakers value moderation skills more than the actual host. Therefore, if you can moderate a room effectively, people will follow you and join your other rooms as well.

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🪑 Join Clubhouse Early

Joining Clubhouse early can help build some great connections since the number of rooms is low and people keep bumping into each other in one room or the other. Once the app is available for everyone, you would be amongst those who already have connections, and can host rooms for the newbies.

Moreover, when a user joins Clubhouse, they tend to follow as many as possible. If you are someone who has been on the app for a while, you would surely get a lot of followers.

🔍 Clear and Concise Bio

Bio is one of the first things a user will see on your profile. It creates a long-lasting impression; therefore, you should work on your bio and try to keep it detailed yet concise. Include your talents and achievements in your bio, but never brag about stuff.

Furthermore, include your professional details like the company you work for and your role, your current location. Adding your current location to the bio helps connect with people from nearby which in-turn increases your follower count. If you add your work details, people from your industry or those with an interest in it will follow you.

📛 Invite People

This may not sound effective to many but is probably the best way to increase your followers. The trick is to invite popular people to Clubhouse, and not those who would be inactive. When you invite someone to Clubhouse, your name is on their profile in the ‘Nominated By’ section.

If you invite someone popular to the app and a user visits their profile, there’s a good chance of them visiting your profile as well. If you have an interesting bio and display picture, you may see a major boost in your follower count.

Now that you have read the article, try to use these tips to not just have a higher follower count but to be popular on the app.