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How to Keep WiFi Mobile Hotspot Always Enabled on Windows 10 PC

Do you use your Windows 10 PC or Laptop as a WiFi Hotspot to connect your other devices to the internet? If you do, you may have noticed the Mobile Hotspot in Windows 10 automatically turning off when not in use. Windows 10 does this to save power. But if you’re always plugged in, you might want to keep Mobile Hotspot always enabled on your PC.


To keep Mobile Hotspot always running on your Windows 10 PC, you need to disable the “Power saving” feature for WiFi hotspot in your computer settings. Open the Start menu, and click the “Settings” gear icon to open Windows 10 Settings screen.

Open Windows 10 Settings

On the Settings screen, click “Network & Internet” to access Wi-Fi settings on your Windows 10 PC.

Go to “Network & Internet” Settings in Windows 10

Select “Mobile hotspot” from the options available in the left panel on “Network & Internet” settings screen.

Select “Mobile hotspot” from the left panel in Network settings Windows 10

Enable “Mobile hotspot” on your PC by turning on the toggle switch for “Mobile hotspot” at the top of the screen on the right panel.

Turn on “Mobile Hotspot” in Windows 10

After enabling Mobile hotspot, you’ll see the “Power saving” option on the same screen. Disable it by turning off the toggle switch for “Power saving”.

Turn Off “Power saving” for Mobile hotspot in Windows 10

Mobile Hotspot will no longer turn off automatically on your Windows 10 PC.

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