We have all been in a situation where we just can’t seem to locate our beloved phone. Normally, we would have no option but to manually look under every nook and corner to locate our iPhone. Alternatively, we have to rush to the nearest computer and log into iCloud and send a sound to our iPhone; that is definitely not a pleasant experience.

However, if you own an Apple Watch, things change drastically. With your Apple Watch, you can effortlessly locate your iPhone by either playing a sound or flashing the LED light present at the back of your phone along with the sound. The process is far less cumbersome when compared to logging into iCloud to play a sound on your iPhone which, let’s face it, is a hit or miss at times.

Though not all is hunky-dory this way as well. Your iPhone needs to be turned on and have Bluetooth on which will act as a medium for transmission between the watch and the phone. Moreover, you can only ping an iPhone that is paired with the watch.

Ping your iPhone from the Control Centre of your Apple Watch

Playing a sound or flashing the LED of your iPhone using your Apple Watch is as plain sailing as it gets. As the title suggests, you only need to access the Control Centre of your Apple Watch and simply tap a button.

Press the ‘Crown/Home Button’ of your Apple Watch to bring the watch face in focus.

After that, swipe up from the bottom of the screen of your Apple Watch to bring up the Control Centre.

Next, from the Control Centre screen, tap on the ‘Ping iPhone’ button to play a sound on your iPhone. The sound will be of sonar-like ping with increasing intensity to help you navigate in the direction of the phone.

However, if you are in a dark environment, or a very noisy environment and just a sound playing on your iPhone is not enough, tap and hold the ‘Ping iPhone’ button on your Apple Watch. This will flash the LED lights present at the back of the iPhone near the camera module.

That’s it, you will now be able to locate your iPhone hassle-free and relatively effort-free. However, if your iPhone is out of the Bluetooth range or switched off, you will have no option but to resort to the iCloud route to locate your iPhone.

There you go, folks. With this newly acquired knowledge, never lose track of your iPhone when it hides in that couch corner or anywhere else in your house.