Zoom offers us some superpowers and one such strength is the ability to silence someone before hosting a meeting. If you’re the one hosting a zoom meeting and you’re quite uncertain of what you could possibly hear on the other side, guess what, you have the power to mute the other participants as they enter the zoom call. You could always inform your colleagues that they’d be on mute when they join the call.

First off, you would have to open your zoom.us/profile in Chrome or any other web browser that you use and sign-in to your Zoom account.

After signing in, select the ‘Settings’ option on the left side of the screen under ‘Personal’ section.

Choose the “Settings” option under “Personal”.

Under the ‘Schedule Meeting’ section in Settings, scroll down a bit to find the option that says ‘Mute participants upon entry’. Click on the tiny toggle button next to this option to turn it on. Ensure it turns to blue and does not remain grey.

Select this option under the “Schedule Meeting” Settings section.

Zoom calls are fun, collaborative and engaging as long as there’s no auditory disturbance. Use this tiny tip to ensure that you don’t have to listen to unexpected noises from your colleagues when they login to your Zoom meeting.