Queueing songs is like making a playlist, but a more flexible way to enjoy your music. Queueing helps keep the mood alive. It never disrupts the flow of music thus disrupting the surfacing of emotions and responses.

Queued music on Spotify can be both a pre-arrangement of songs and a customizable order. When queued music is pre-arranged, it is either shuffling from a different playlist or completely at random – this can be great because you can have the fortune of encountering new tracks. In the customizable order, you get to choose the order of your music, thereby predicting the shuffle route in a way.

Here’s how you can queue music on your computer and your phone.

In both devices, any song would be followed by the queue unless it is cleared. This means individual music and music from playlists would be followed by the queued songs. Even if you were to shuffle a playlist, then too, the queued songs are played at priority before shuffling music from the respective playlist.

Queueing Music on Spotify for Desktop

Spotify tends to provide its own shuffle playlist when you hit the ‘Next’ button on both devices, but you can only view this shuffle playlist on your computer. And for this reason, we’ve divided the procedure for queueing music on your PC into two sections – queuing songs from Spotify’s shuffle list and manually queueing from different playlists.

Queueing Songs from Spotify’s Shuffle List

Open Spotify on your computer and play an individual song, not from any playlist. Now, click the ‘Queue’ button next to the music player at the bottom of the Spotify window to check if Spotify’s queued music awaits.

If you find a queue of music, skip to the next step. If you don’t find a queue, then hit the ‘Next’ button on the music player. This will trigger Spotify’s shuffle mode irrespective of where the shuffle button is ON or not. Or wait for the next song.

Now, you will see a vibrant list of songs on your Spotify queue. You can queue songs from this list or let it shuffle on its own.

To queue a song, hover your cursor over the song to find and click the ellipsis icon (three horizontal dots). Now, click the ‘Add to queue’ option from the drop-down menu.

All queued songs will appear under ‘Next in queue’. This helps place collect music of your choice from Spotify’s shuffle list rather than following the entirety of Spotify’s arrangement. You can also add songs to the current queue from other playlists (the procedure is elaborated in the next section).

If you want to clear the queue and start fresh, click the ‘Clear queue’ button adjacent to the ‘Next in queue’ title.

Clearing a queue is a final decision. You cannot undo the time and effort you took to line up your songs. Spotify will remind you of this. If you are sure go ahead and hit ‘Yes’. If not, you can always cancel the process.

The good news is that all songs will be back to their previous positions on Spotify’s shuffle list. You can rework your queue, again.

However, if you like Spotify’s list, but only need to make some changes like removing a song, hover your cursor over that song, and click ‘Remove from queue’.

To make changes to the placement of the songs, simply drag and release individual tracks in the order of your choice.

Manually Queueing Songs

This is the scenario where you find an empty queue list but refrain from the ‘Next’ button nor wait for the next song to start. It requires the same method, only here, you’re doing the job of finding and then queueing your music. Thereby, having more power over your queued music rather than choosing from a pre-made shuffle playlist.

Reach the song you want to queue and hover your cursor over it. Now, click the ellipsis icon (three horizontal dots) and click the ‘Add to queue’ option. It will the first option in the menu.

Follow the same method for all the songs you want in your current queue. You can customize your queued music in the same manner as discussed previously. You can also implement this process to add songs that aren’t on Spotify’s shuffle list.

Queueing Music in Spotify Mobile App

Queueing songs on your phone’s Spotify may be a little different. Spotify doesn’t always have an arrangement of songs succeeding the ‘Next’ button on your phone, and if it does, the ‘Queue’ button may not always be accessible. So, you cannot queue songs from Spotify’s shuffle list on your phone, unless your phone is Spotify connected to your computer. This is a general case scenario, it could vary on different phones.

Open Spotify on your phone and choose a song from a playlist or an album to queue. Individual songs (songs selected from the search results) may not be available for queueing (happened on an android phone). Now, tap the ellipsis icon (three vertical dots) next to the song you want to queue.

Tap the ‘Add to queue’ option in the upcoming menu.

You can queue as many songs, in any order (you can customize the order later too) and they will all appear below the ‘Next in queue’ section.

To reorder the queued list, hold the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) next to the song and drag it to the appropriate spot.

Each song that plays in the queue is spent. The queue in both devices will not return once it’s played. If you end your music before the queue is spent or choose a song outside the queue, your queued music will successively take over.

To remove a song from the queue, tap the empty circle in front of the song to tick it. Then, tap the ‘Remove’ option at the bottom left corner of the screen, to remove the song from the queue.

If you want to re-add the song to your queue, tap the ‘Add to queue’ button to the bottom right corner. This will loop the song if placed together and play twice or as many times if reordered.

If you wish to remove the queue entirely, hit the ‘Clear queue’ button to the right corner of the ‘Next in queue’ title.

That’s it! This is how you queue songs on your phone and your computer. Remember, you can first play a song and then queue your music or the other way around on both devices.

We hope you found our guide insightful. Do add some great numbers to your queue and be rest assured to never slip off the vibe.