Being one of the most amazing battle royal game till date, Apex Legends has managed to attract millions of players in a few weeks of its launch. Unfortunately, the game’s popularity has also invited players who cheat to kill and win the battle, taking the fun away from the game.

Apex Legends currently doesn’t have an in-game reporting system to let users report cheating players directly through the game, but you can note down the cheating player’s username and then report it to EA using their web form. If you can catch the cheating player in a video clip or a screenshot, it’ll help EA take immediate action against the cheater.

How to report cheating players in Apex Legends

  1. Open in web browser and select Apex Legends from the list of games.
  2. Choose your platform, then select the topic “Report concerns and harassment” and then select the Report player issue.
  3. Finally, hit the Select contact option button.
  4. Now you’ll see a web form. Fill it with the relevant details about the cheating player and the kind of cheat(s) you saw happen in the game. If you have any proof (video clips or screenshots), attach them to make your case strong.
  5. Once you’ve filled in all the details, hit the Email Us button at the bottom of the web form.

You may or may not hear back from EA, but rest assured, your complain against the cheating player will be investigated by EA. If need be, EA will ban the cheater’s account.