The iMessage is an instant messaging service by Apple exclusively for its devices. It’s a popular app used by millions across the globe. Apple keeps on adding new featured to it to keep the users glued.

If you are using an iPhone and want to send someone a creative iMessage, you have the option of customizing your message, as well as adding themes with it.

If you send someone fireworks along with a message, as soon as they open the message, there will be fireworks on the screen. This feature has been extensively used when sending messages by users.

Sending Fireworks in iMessage

Type the message you want to send, and then hold the upward arrow next to the text box.

The iMessage offers two kinds of effects, Bubble and Screen. In Bubble, you can add effects to the message bubble, while in Screen, the effects are displayed in the background. Since Fireworks is a screen effect, select ‘Screen’ on the top.

The preview of the first effect, i.e., ‘Echo’ will now be displayed. Now keep on swiping right until you find the Fireworks effect.

Once you find the Fireworks effect, click on the upward arrow sign to send the message.

You can see how the background is filled with fireworks when you use this effect.

Send fireworks and other effects to your friends on iMessage and take texting to the next level.