With the volume of emails we get these days, it’s more than easy to lose important emails in the sea of spam and promotion mails. You close your eyes for a few seconds and there’s a flood of new mails in your inbox.

So, if you open an important email and don’t get back to it right then and there, the chances of you forgetting about it entirely are astronomical. But not if you’re on the latest macOS Ventura. Apple has bestowed the Mail app with quite a few upgrades in the latest OS. And one of the improvements is the addition of the ‘Remind Me’ option for emails.

With Remind Me, you can select a date and time for when you’d like to view that email again email and you’re all set. The Mail app will not only remind you with a notification, but the email will also resurface in the inbox making it extremely hard to miss it. Let’s see how to use it.

Setting a Reminder for an Email

As discussed earlier, the feature is available in the built-in Mail app. Moreover, your Mac should be running macOS Ventura – the latest in the OS lineup for Macs which is still in beta at the time of writing this.

Now, setting a reminder for an email is as easy as you’d expect this feature to be. Open the Mail app on your Mac.

Now, there are 2 ways you can set a reminder for an email. You can navigate to the mail you want to set the reminder for and right-click it. Then, from the context menu, go to the ‘Remind Me’ option.

You can also select the mail by left-clicking it. Then, go to the ‘Message’ option from the menu bar and go to the ‘Remind Me’ menu item.

In both cases, you’ll get 4 options in the sub-menu when you go to the ‘Remind Me’ option: ‘Remind Me in 1 Hour’, ‘Remind Me Tonight’, ‘Remind Me Tomorrow’, and ‘Remind Me Later’. They’re pretty self-explanatory. You could either select one of the first three options for a pre-defined time or choose the fourth to define a custom time.

When you select the first three options, a reminder will be instantly created. But if you select ‘Remind Me Later’, an overlay window will appear. Set the date and time and click the ‘Schedule’ button.

No matter which option you use to create the reminder, a new mailbox by the name ‘Remind Me’ will appear in the mailbox section on the left. The email will stay there until the time for the reminder schedule is up, at which point three things will happen.

First, you’ll get a notification for the mail if you have notifications for the Mail app turned on and the app is closed.

Second, the email would appear towards the top of your inbox, no matter how many other emails (read or unread) were originally received after it.

And lastly, the ‘Remind Me’ mailbox will vanish if there are no other emails with reminders still ongoing.

While there’s still time for the reminder, you can navigate to the mail, either from the ‘Remind Me’ mailbox or your inbox – whichever is faster – and edit the reminder. Click the email to view it. At the top of the viewing pane, you’ll see a banner “Mail will remind you about this message on [Date and Time].” Click the ‘Edit’ button to its right to make the changes to the reminder schedule.

Then, make the changes from the overlay window that opens and click the ‘Schedule’ button.

The Remind Me feature might be rather simple. Still, it’ll prove to be a life saver for situations where you honestly don’t have time to get back to an email. Now, you’ll never forget getting back to those emails!