Knowing how to take a screenshot on Apple Watch can come in really handy when you wish to share that amazing customization of your watch face, capture a bug that you have been experiencing, or just wish to share your activity or calories burnt in a day.

Moreover, the beauty of taking a screenshot on your Apple Watch is, it is saved right in the Photos app on your iPhone, and that allows you to instantly share it with the world in a matter of seconds.

On top of that, the watch only requires you to push two of its buttons in order to take a screenshot. However, before you can click a screenshot on your Apple Watch you will need to enable the functionality as, by default, the feature is turned off.

Enable Screenshots on your Apple Watch

You can quickly enable the screenshots functionality on your Apple Watch from the Settings app. Moreover, if you do not prefer to do it on your Apple Watch, you can follow the exact same process on the Watch App in your iPhone as well to achieve it.

First, press the Crown/ Home Button on your Apple Watch to bring it to the app screen.

Next, locate and tap on the ‘Settings’ app icon from the app grid or app list to proceed.

After that, scroll down to locate and tap on the ‘General’ tile to continue.

Next, scroll down the page and tap on the ‘Screenshots’ tile once located to proceed to the next screen.

On the next page, locate the ‘Enable screenshots’ tile and tap on the toggle switch present at the far right edge of the tile to enable the functionality.

You can do this from your iPhone as well. You just need to head to the ‘Watch’ app either from the home screen or the App Library and then follow the same process mentioned above to enable the screenshots on your connected Apple Watch.

Once you have enabled the screenshot functionality on your Apple Watch, you will now be able to take screenshots on it with just a press of two buttons and save it right to your iPhone.

To click a screenshot on your Apple Watch, first, head to your desired screen on the Apple Watch. Then, press the Crown/ Home Button and the Lock button together on your Apple Watch to click a screenshot of that particular screen and save it in your connected iPhone’s gallery.

And that’s it, people, taking screenshots on your Apple Watch is this easy-peasy.

Hopefully, using this guide, you will be able to share your activity rings status or the watch face customization with all your friends.