Finding the lowest price of a product with maximum discount is what anyone looks for while shopping on different e-commerce websites. Looking for and comparing product prices on different websites can however be tiring and time-consuming. You might sometimes also miss on the site which offers the best price on that particular product. This is where OctoShop comes to the rescue.

OctoShop is an extension available on Google Chrome’s Webstore that facilitates the comparison of prices of the same product on different e-commerce websites. Additionally, it also tracks and notifies in case the price of the product drops over a selected period of time or an unavailable product comes back in stock. OctoShop is supported by various widely used e-commerce websites like Amazon, Walmart, and Target, among which you can compare prices and shop.

Installing OctoShop Chrome extension

To download the OctoShop Chrome extension, head over to the Chrome Web Store and search for ‘OctoShop’ or use the direct link to open the OctoShop listing.

Once you have reached the OctoShop extension page on Chrome’s web store, click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button on the right side of the extension name.

A pop-up box asking you to add the extension will spring up on your screen. Click on ‘Add extension’. This will add the extension to your Chrome web browser successfully.

To find the added extension, open a Chrome tab. You will find all your extensions on a jigsaw puzzle shaped icon present on the right side of the URL bar. Click on it and you will find the OctoShop extension present in the expanded menu.

To never miss out on OctoShop in-stock and price drop notifications, we recommended you pin the extension next to the address bar. Click on the pin-shaped icon next to the OctoShop extension in the expanded menu to do so. The OctoShop icon will then appear on the top, next to the URL bar on Chrome, and will display the number of notifications you have. Click on the OctoShop icon.

This will open the OctoShop window on top of your Chrome tab. You will be able to see all the e-commerce websites that are linked with OctoShop and can be shopped upon to activate this extension.

Compare prices on different websites

Once you have added OctoShop to your browser, you can go to any of the e-commerce websites listed in the OctoShop window to look for the product you want to purchase. On the right side of the product page, you will see OctoShop automatically activated notifying how many other online stores have the same product available.

After clicking on the notification, the OctoShop window will open on your screen displaying the contents of the ‘Store Comparison’ tab. Different e-commerce sites will be displayed on it with the price of the product in each compared side by side. The site offering the best price on the product will be visible framed green with the ‘Best Price’ label on it. You can view the product on each site by clicking on the ‘View Item’ button below it.

This is how this extension facilitates the comparison of prices on different sites and gives you the option to buy at the best available price online.

Set notifications when pricing changes

Another useful feature of OctoShop other than comparing prices is keeping a track of price drop or tracking the availability of currently unavailable products over various websites. One can use this feature by switching on the toggle button next to ‘Notify Price Change’ option present right above the ‘View Item’ button for each site on the OctoShop window.

After switching on the ‘Notify Price Change’ button, a new pop-up window will open on top of the OctoShop window. Here you can customize options as per how and untill when do you need the price change notifications for that product.

In the ‘Check frequency’ option, you can set how frequently will Chrome keep checking the change in price on that particular website. You can set the check frequency to either ‘Low(every 1hr)’, or ‘Med(every 30mins)’, or ‘High(every 15min), or ‘Ultra(Instantly notifies)’ as per your need for the product you wish to buy.

In the ‘Notify only under($)’ option you can set a maximum price limit you are ready to pay for the product. This will help the app notify you when the product is available within your desired price range.

In the ‘Stop Tracking After’ option, you can select the number of days you want OctoShop to track the product’s price. For those number of days, OctoShop will keep notifying you of the changes in the product price and will stop right after your selected number of days are over.

Once you have set all the options as per your requirements, you can click on the ‘Track’ button at the bottom and OctoShop will successfully start tracking the product.

Back on the ‘Store Comparison’ tab of the OctoShop window, you will also find the toggle switch next to ‘Notify price change’ is turned on.

You can see the list of tracked items on OctoShop listed in the ‘Your Tracked Items’ tab on top of the window, right next to the ‘Store Comparison’ tab. You can ‘View Item’ through this tab or even ‘Untrack Item’ when you don’t want to anymore.

All the notifications about price change and the stock availability of the products you track on OctoShop can also be viewed by clicking on the bell-shaped icon next to the ‘Your Tracked Items’ tab on the OctoShop window.

Using OctoShop can save a lot of time and energy as well as get you great discounts on products you have been eyeing for a long time. Add it to your Chrome extensions to ease your online shopping experience further.